All the Way Inside Her

All the Way Inside Her

by J. Resnick

Shelly and I have dated for the past year and we were high and horny one evening, hanging out at her house and we got to speaking about sexual fantasies. I told her about the threesome I did with my friend Rob and his girlfriend Patricia on her 18th birthday. When I told her it didn’t even turn out to be much of a threesome, because all Rob really did was watch me do her all night.

“What?” she asked, completely surprised. “I thought a threesome was when everyone participated. I mean, I’ve seen porn movies with my ex boyfriend and another girl and let me tell ya. Everyone got into it. It was not a spectator sport.”

I tried to explain. “It started off to be that way, but when his now, ex gf, Patti got my cock in her mouth, Rob was so interested and turned on just watching, he didn’t take off his clothes for at least a half an hour after it began. We had all smoked some kick ass weed and I thought he was just too stoned to function, because I almost was, He simply watched and jerked off while she sucked me and rubbed my cock and balls over her face. It was truly remarkable.”

“That’s so weird, but kinda hot,” Shelly said. “What happened after that?”

“Rob took a seat on the bed and continued to watch,” I said. “We kept inviting him in, but he insisted that all he wanted to do was watch us. That’s when Patti really started getting into it.”

“What do you mean?” Shelly asked. her eyes glazed over as if she was going to hear the porn story of the year.

All the Way Inside Her

“She went crazy on me,” I said. “She was deep-throating me, something I found later on, she rarely did to Rob and then we fucked in just about every position. She sat on my face for a fucking hour and still Rob was content watching us, instead of at the very least, sticking his dick in her mouth for some relief. I wasn’t certain who was more into Rob not participating. He or Patti.”

“How did it end?” Shelly asked. “Did everyone cum?”

“Well, I made Patti cum, once or twice while on my face and by then, I was ready to blow my load, so I did.”

“Where?” she asked.

“Inside of her pussy. She told me there were no limits and that I should help myself to whatever I wanted. I fucked her from behind and asked her twice if she wanted me to pull out and she said, “Don’t you fucking dare! Cum in my pussy baby. Fill me up.” So I did.

“So Rob still didn’t cum?”

“Well after I was done, he tried to take over where I had left off but she pushed him away.”

“She was mad, wasn’t she? I bet she was.”

“I don’t think so, because she said to Rob. If you want to fuck me, you’re going to have to eat me out first.”

“That’s not too bad,” she said.

“I had just finished inside of her. She told Rob that would be the price he would have to pay if he wanted to fuck her that night. She said she never got her threesome and was now going to punish him.”

“Holy crap!” Shelly said. “She’s a fucking genius.”

I laughed. “Whatever you say, baby! All I know is, I left to go to work and she was spread out on the bed and he was licking her gently as I was leaving. Weird.”

“Wow! That’s fucked up,” Shelly said, her eyes growing wider.

“I asked him about it the next day and he said, besides being as stoned as he was, he was more into watching her get fucked than he was about doing a threesome. He told me he didn’t realize how turned on it made him to watch his girl take on another cock.”

“So he finished eating her out?”

“Apparently. He didn’t offer to tell me and I didn’t ask. None of my fucking business.”

“Did it ever happen again?” she asked.

“No. It was supposed to. I mean he and I discussed it a couple of times and we couldn’t make it work between all of our schedules. Then they broke up a few months later, so that was that.

Shelly Wants to be Filled

“I would love to do that sometime,” Shelly said. “Never had a threesome before. A lot of my friends have. I just never got the opportunity.”

I didn’t think she was serious at first, but after diving into the conversation, I discovered she was. Being a decent boyfriend who wanted to make her happy and hoping that my getting her some additional cock to suck, may someday help me  scoring a threesome with her and one of her friends. That’s usually the way it works.

I called Rob Kenyon. He and I have known each other since grade school. We’re both 20, the same age as Shelly. Two years ago at his 18th birthday party, he asked me to have sex with his, then, girlfriend, Patricia. It was my first threesome. We took Patty to a motel and we stayed there all night long, Tag teaming, they call it. It was so much fun. Patricia was smoking hot. I was so disappointed when they broke up a few months later. I wanted to do it again. But, seeing as I owed him one, I called and asked him to meet Shelly and I at the old Paradise Drive in Theater on Rte. 4. The Paradise had been closed for the past 5 years, thanks to Netflix and Hulu, and was now a popular spot to go parking and party. It was no longer lit up, as the power had been shut off, and the police rarely visited due to the fucked up pavement and potholes all over the lot. It was the perfect place. I was going to borrow my friend Stan’s tricked out van for the event. It had a bed, plush carpeting, TV and a great sound system. It was completely bad ass.Rob  was bringing some top shelf kush he had scored in Colorado, to smoke. He said he would be there at 9pm.

When I told  Shelly what I had set up,  was extremely excited. She and Rob had met once before at my house, and although she thought he was cute, she didn’t seem overly interested in sucking his dick until now.

“How big is his cock?” she asked. “You must have seen it when you did your threesome. I bet it’s huge” Is it bigger than yours?”

“I didn’t measure it,” I laughed. “I guess it’s pretty big,” (I knew well full, it was much larger than mine, but that’s not the type of shit you say to your girlfriend.) “He’s average,  I guess,”

“Average will do tonight,” She smiled. ” I know it’s last minute. Thanks for doing this for me.”

“Of course, I answered. “We haven’t got much time. What do you want to do until this happens?”

“Well,” she began. “I have to take a shower and do my hair and find a slutty outfit. I want to look car slutty and have something with easy access, since you two fuckers are too cheap to spring for a motel.

“A motel?” I asked. “This is only a spur of the moment thing. It’s not your fucking birthday, or anything. Besides, I borrowed Stan’s van. It’s much nicer than a shitty hotel room. There’s a huge mattress in there. You’ll love it!”

“OK, OK.” she laughed. “I know beggars can’t be choosy.

After Shelly’s shower, she went into the bedroom to dress and do her make up. I was shocked as shit when I saw her come out. Short denim miniskirt that barely covered her increasingly chunky ass, a halter top and a pair of boots that went past her kneecaps. I wolf whistled loudly. I would have fucked her right then and there.

“I hope the police don’t come by and see you in that,” I said, feeling my cock harden in my jeans, almost immediately.

“Then I may just have to blow a cop,” she laughed. “Let’s smoke a joint and get out of here”

By the time we hit the road it was 8:50pm. It would take 20 mins or so to get there, and then to gain entrance we had to move a chain and a bunch of those orange pylon cones they use to block things off. Then we had to set it up exactly how it looked, to not attract any attention.

Rob and Shelly

We finally got inside at 9:20pm. I  texted Steven and told him we’d be late, His pickup was sitting in the lot. He flashed his lights twice so we would know where he was. It was pitch black outside. Good thing my phone had a flashlight app.

When we pulled up next to him, he got out of the car. He was already smoking a giant blunt. He immediately passed it to Shelly. “Good to see you again, Shelly,” Rob said.  “You look smoking hot.”

“Good to see you, too, Rob,” Shelly said with a sexy, flirty smile. Then she leaned in for a quick kiss and jammed her tongue in his mouth, which only made me slightly jealous.

“Wow,” Steven said, Thanks for inviting me.”

“You’re welcome. I don’t know what it is,” she said. “It’s something about tonight. It’s a nice warm day for October and I’m high and horny AF.”

Rob lit a fresh blunt and began passing it around. I turned on some tunes and left the side door open. Shelly sat down on the van floor at the side door, her legs spread and one foot on the ground tapping in time to the music. You could easily see underneath her skirt and I’m sure this was part of her overall seduction technique.

Shelly is fucking sexy. Short hair that kinda reminds of the thing Pat Benatar had going on in the 80’s, nice, full 36 inch C’s and a remarkable pussy. She usually wore it with a landing strip. She knows I love the landing strip.  That’s another thing about her that revs my fucking engine. She looks so good in it. And blowjobs? Seriously. I’ve gotten my fair share of blowjobs for my age, but she excels at them. If there was such a thing as an annual awards ceremony for blowjobs, she would take home a million trophies. I suddenly wondered why I was about to share her.

Rob and I were standing around on the side of the van a few feet away from Shelly, when she said, “Why don’t you whip out those hard cocks, gentlemen and let’s get this threesome on the road?”

Rob had his cock out first and Shelly beckoned him over with her finger.

“Lose the top, please,” he said to Shelly. while he took a gigantic hit from the now smaller blunt he had been smoking.

“Absolutely. Why don’t I lose everything except the boots, since I’m not walking around this shitty parking lot full of rocks, glass and who knows what else?”

When Shelly revealed her tits, Rob was speechless. He knew they’d be good, but he didn’t realize how fucking nice. He just stood there, his hard dick in front of him, his mouth completely open. Shelly waved her finger again and said, “Tim never told me you had such a big fucking dick. Let me wrap my lips around it.”

Rob took a couple of steps forward and since he was at mouth level with Shelly, his dick slid into her mouth easily. Shelly pulled it out for a second to lick it and saturate the area with her saliva and said. “I love your cock, already. I hope you blow it into my mouth when you’re ready. And I hope you’re not ready for a long time.”

So there sat naked Shelly. On the floor of the van with the sliding side door opened, her nipples harder than diamonds while Rob’s giant cock slid in and out of her mouth. Not gonna lie. It turned me on watching my girlfriend suck my Rob’s dick. I would have just been happy watching until they were finished. In fact, when Shelly pulled Rob’s cock back out again, lightly jacking it, and asked me. “Are you joining us?” I replied. “Not yet. I want to watch for awhile,” I said, in a trance, watching his dick work its way further and further down Shelly’s throat.

The only light visible for miles was the interior door lights of the van. It illuminated Shelly just enough so I could see and appreciate everything that was going on.

A good ten minutes had gone by and Rob looked over at me and asked, “What is this? My fucking birthday present, or something? Are you going to be joining us or are you going to be a perv on the side.”

“Hey,” I said. “If you remember correctly, when your girlfriend, Patricia was blowing me, you were staring the same way I am right now.”

“I remember that! I forgot. There is truly something captivating about watching another guy face-fuck your chick. Watch all you want,my friend,” he said with a wink and a smile. “I ain’t going nowhere right away.”

Hearing us talk was making Shelly even hornier. She seemed to be really into the conversation and with her left hand, began gently and softly stroking her pussy, lightly moaning as Rob picked up the pace.

“Rob, Why don’t you bend her over and fuck her,” I said, feeling almost like a porn director. “She loves that.” Shelly stopped long enough and moaned, “I do fucking love that. Stick it inside me, Robbie.”


Taking Shelly From Behind

Rob hated to pull out of Shelly’s warm, soft mouth, since he was enjoying this hot blowjob my girl was giving him. As badly as I wanted to watch him come right in her mouth and watch her swallow it, I wanted to watch him fuck her from behind, her big ass staring both guys right in the face.

“From behind, Shelly,” I said. “Let him fuck you from behind.”

Shelly turned around and stuck her big ass in the air, as Rob waited for her to get into position. Then he turned around to me and said, “Seriously Bro, I feel like a hog fucking your girlfriend without you. At least get up in front and let her blow you or something.”

“I’m fine,” I said, rubbing my dick through my jeans. I’m so into watching Shelly get taken by you.”

And Rob didn’t try and coax me into joining them, anymore. He fucked Shelly like she was on the final day of a Going out of Business Sale, slamming it into her as hard as he could. He was breathing heavily and she was screaming out, “Fuck me Robbie. Fuck me with that big stick of yours!”, which even though we were in a remote location, echoed through the abandoned drive in’s large, empty parking area.

I didn’t even notice, I had pulled my pants down halfway and was stroking my cock with my right hand. I was so horny watching Rob fuck Shelly, that I almost forgot I was supposed to be a part of this party. I didn’t care right now. I was enjoying looking at Shelly as she made various fuck faces I had never seen before when we were doing it. I did, however experience the slightest feeling of jealousy as I watched Rob plunging that huge meat tower inside of her. Would she want it all the time now? Would she be able to go back to my normal sized cock after this? Would she eventually want a bigger one than Rob’s? These are thoughts that crossed through my brain, but when Shelly began screaming, “FUCK ME, HARDER!” at the top of her lungs, those feelings went away and were replaced by pure lust.

Shelly Gets Filled

Shelly was looking directly at me, while I jerked off. As she screamed, she started making slutty movements with her tongue, like she wanted me to come over and put it in her mouth. As tempted as I was, I continued to watch the two of them fuck-fascinated and amazed with everything they were doing. As Shelly stared into my eyes, I watched her get off on Rob’s cock, with a crushing orgasm. I had never witnessed anything like this before. Shelly, thrashing about, her whole body vibrating as if she were possessed by an evil spirit, while screaming at the top of her lungs. Still, her eyes never left my mine. Suddenly, before she expected it was even on the way, Rob announced his orgasm. “Where am I cumming, Shelly?” he asked loudly.

“Cum inside of me with that big fucking cock!” she screamed.

There was more thrashing about, more screaming and more words that didn’t belong to any language. At one point, Rob nearly fell over and out of the van. It would have been hilarious, if the whole thing wasn’t so hot.

When they were done, Shelly rolled over on her back, her stomach rising up and down rapidly, her nipples still rock hard and a small trickle of drool was running down from her mouth to her neck.

“That was fucking great!” Rob exclaimed loudly. “Wow! You’re a great fuck, Shelly!”

Shelly made a thumbs up sign, waving it in the air all around. It was another couple of minutes before anyone spoke.

“Robby,” Shelly said. “It was a wonderful evening and I hope we’re able to do this again very soon, but I need a favor from you.”

A favor? I wondered what that could be.

“Anything, Shelly,” Rob said, pulling up his jeans.

“You can stay if you’d like, but close the door of the van. Your friend and I have something to complete and I have a feeling we’re going to need some privacy for a bit.”

I was confused.

“Um, yeah, sure! Whatever you say, Shelly. I tell you what. I’m out of here. Let me know if you guys want to do this again and I’ll gladly help you out if I can.”

“Oh, it’s going to happen again,” Shelly laughed. “Let’s chat soon.”

After Rob said goodnight, he slid the big door on the side of the van closed and it was just Shelly and I alone. She was still on her back and lit another blunt.

Shelly Craves Oral

“Your friend came inside my pussy tonight,” Shelly said, taking a big hit from the blunt.

“I know,” I said, looking between her legs at the evidence.

“I’ll be lucky if he didn’t knock me up. You know I’m not on any birth control at the moment.”

“Yeah, I thought of that, too,” I said. “I didn’t want to stop him. You seemed like you were having too good a time for me to stop you.”

“That’s why I didn’t stop,” she said. “It was amazing. I can’t believe you missed out on it.”

“I don’t know why I did,” I said. “I guess it was like when I fucked Rob’s girl. He was so mesmerized that someone was fucking his girlfriend, that he couldn’t take his eyes off of us.”

“And remember what you told me had had to do after you came inside of his girl’s pussy?” she asked, smiling.

“Yeah,” I laughed. “I remember.”

Shelly spread her legs as wide as possible, the moonlight through the van window, shining against the black leather of her boots.

“Start eating,” she said.

“Are you serious? I don’t know about that,” I said.

“Excuse me,” Shelly said. “I think I earned a little special treatment here tonight. No one has to know. I won’t say anything to Rob the next time I see him.”

“He’ll definitely ask me.” I said, looking down at her cum covered pussy.

“Let him ask. Deny everything. Now just get down there and eat me out.”

Shelly passed me the blunt and after I took a giant hit from the skyscraper blunt, I got into position between Shelly’s thighs and lowered my head.

“That’s a good boy,” she said. “Get it all.”

The End

J. Resnick

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  1. I knew a girl like Shelly the one in your story. She was usually up for anything when it came to sex. Didn’t matter. She’d try anything once. I think of her often, but I don’t know what happened to her.

  2. I would rather have sex with two men at once rather than a man and a woman. It’s not that I have anything against hooking up with women, (which I’ve done a few times) It’s that when it comes to two dicks, who wouldn’t want that?

  3. Something similar happened to me many years ago, when I shared my gf with a guy friend of mine. I was so into watching the two if them go at it, I almost forgot I was a participant. Brought back some hot memories. Thanks!

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