My Lying Girlfriend’s Cheating Confession

Lying Cheating Girlfriend

My Lying Girlfriend’s Cheating Confession by Carl Walker Sue and I had been dating for 5 years. That was right around the do or die mark, where you either propose and get married, or say fuck it and break up. We fought an awful lot, which is the reason I was holding off on marriage. … Read moreMy Lying Girlfriend’s Cheating Confession

Ami’s Weird MFM Threesome


  by Vicki Vex Colin Gets a Handjob I don’t know why I answered the phone. Kathy Orella was on the other end and she was pissed. I knew she was pissed because she started off the conversation with, “Bitch! Are you serious? Seriously?” “Kathy, speak English,” I replied. I knew why she was calling. … Read moreAmi’s Weird MFM Threesome

I’m a 50 Year Old Woman Who Satisfies Her Younger Female Boss Every Day After Work


Debbie never ever in a million years thought she would be orally satisfying her boss, MIa on a daily basis, but that’s exactly what happens every day at the office. Come read this exciting, steamy, thong drenching story right now.

The Pizza Delivery Boy

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Pizza Delivery Boys Are Having Sex With Your Hot Wife by Joseph Carmichael If you know any pizza delivery boys, (or girls), who say they haven’t been offered sex they’re fucking liars. I’ve been at this job for two years, and I gotta say, I wouldn’t leave it for anything. Sure, delivering pizza isn’t the … Read moreThe Pizza Delivery Boy

My Girlfriend’s Younger Sister


The Most Popular Dating App Ever Just Matched Me With My Girlfriend’s Little Sister by Elliot Z. 11 Minute Mystery Date matched me with a 19 year old woman who lived 4 miles from me. We met at the 11 Minute Date booth on Main Street, went inside the secure cube with just enough room … Read moreMy Girlfriend’s Younger Sister