Car Sex

car sex
Car sex

There’s something about driving on the open road, while your wife is in the backseat sucking on a huge dick that drives some, (like me, for example), crazy. If you and your spouse are looking to perk up your love life, read the article below. It works for us. Have fun.

There’s a Hot Wife in the Backseat

by Joseph Carmichael

My 40 year old wife, Jeanie was in the back seat with Tommy. I was driving. We were on the Martin-Sable Freeway in Southern Florida and although it was 100 degrees outside, it was a nice and comfortable 72 inside the minivan.

I glanced in the rear view and Jeanie was already topless. Her nipples were harder than frozen diamonds. Tommy was moaning. I don’t blame him. After all, Jeanie was sucking his cock, as he played with her tits.

I always pay attention to the road when we do this, but I can’t help but sneak a peek in the back once in awhile.  I bet you would, too. Anyone would. There’s no sexier site than watching my Jeanie suck a big cock. The bigger the better as far as she’s concerned. Tommy was one of her favorites. He was long and thick. The gagging sounds she was making while trying to fit his dick in all the way were making me crazy horny. After we dropped Tommy off, we’d drive home and fuck like crazy. It’s something we do as often as we can. It’s called, Backseat Hot-wifing. If you’ve already got a hot wife, or you’re wife is interested in the hobby, you’ve got to give this a shot. It’s not only a lot of fun for all parties, it’s got benefits over a bedroom or motel meeting.

1.) Aside from the price of the gas, it’s free.

2.) There’s no awkward conversation either before or after. You pick up the guy at a predetermined destination and then he gets in the car. You drive around, (your choice where), and your wife has oral/and or fucks him and then you drop him off. Easy peasy.

3.) It’s safer than being in a parked car and doing this. That’s a good way to have the police show up and arrest you for lewd behavior. Nope, you’re better off on the open road. Just keep your eyes on the road and drive the speed limit and you’ll be ok. We’ve done this about a dozen times so far.

Oh, and I don’t know what kind of car you have, but I recommend a minivan or an SUV. Something big. Preferably with tinted windows. You don’t want the state trooper driving next to you to see your wife sucking a big cock in the back seat.

How to Have Car Sex with Others

The average ride is approximately 30 minutes. That’s of course depending on the number of passengers, (sometimes she’ll do more than one), the sex acts involved and the traffic conditions. We try to go out about 8pm. We make sure rush hour is completely over.

I know what your next question is:

How do we find the guys to drive around?

We live near a college town. Not difficult to find willing cocks looking to be sucked here, Jeanie likes sucking dicks from the younger crowd. 18-25. Those are her favorites. This age group loves getting their cocks sucked and they don’t tell anyone, because they want to continue doing it.

How you ask your wife to participate in something like this is entirely up to you and your circumstances. In our marriage it was different. We’ve talked of doing this for a long time before we actually went through with it.  You obviously have to make sure you’re both on board before you attempt this.

Another issue to be concerned about when thinking about taking on this enjoyable hobby is wardrobe. Wives, please. Whatever you do, be sure to wear simple loose clothing. Sweat pants, t-shirts and yoga pants work well for the back seat hot-wife. They’re easy on and off. Jeans, (especially tight ones), are a no no. So are long boots. And remember, a high heel in the face can take out an eye, so we recommend sneakers or athletic shoes for your back seat adventures.

Tommy was getting ready to blow his load. Jeanie was moaning, too, as Tommy finger banged her rapidly and deeply.

This was Tommy’s third ride with us. We were both pretty comfortable with him. He was not only equipped for the job, but polite and respectful. That goes a long way when attempting something like this.

They were both becoming louder, which was another benefit of being on the highway. No one peeking in your car, like they would on the side of the road or in the Walmart parking lot.

You Can Have Any Type of Sex in the Back Seat

Tommy was just getting a BJ today. Nothing crazy or nothing.  I could tell from the moans in the back seat that both of them were approaching their orgasm. I had timed this ride perfectly. According to the GPS, we were exactly 7 minutes from Tommy’s apartment where he wanted to be dropped off. Tommy knew it, too. He increased the pace, fucking Jeanie’s mouth as she tried to keep up with him. Her loud slurping and moaning told me this would be over in a minute and I was right.

Two extra loud moans and a “I’m gonna cum!” from Tommy, and Jeanie was happily swallowing Tommy’s cum. This was her favorite part. She had finished and was beginning to clean up, (wet naps are a necessity, so don’t forget them), as I pulled into the parking lot of Tommy’s complex.

I couldn’t wait for him to leave. My hard on was ready to rip right through the thin cloth of my pants. After he was gone, we’d drive just ten more minutes to our house and have our way with each other. I’d pull into the garage and we’d run in the house to the living room. She’d shed whatever clothing she still had on and I’d take her on the sofa, or over a chair. Sometimes we don’t even make it out of the car before we go crazy on each other and we end up fucking in the back seat, ourselves.

I know this hobby isn’t for everyone. It definitely takes some getting used to, but we enjoy it and encourage anyone to give it a shot.

If you’ve ever had a back seat hot wife experience and you want to share it with us, please comment below. We love reading your reactions.

I’d write more, but it’s time to fuck my wife.

Joseph Carmichael

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15 thoughts on “Car Sex

  1. Did this not knowing it was a thing. We picked up my wife’s lover and they hooked up in the backseat on the way to the motel. Lots if fun, but you have to be careful.

  2. This isn’t the same thing, but I got a blowjob on a 6 hour ride to PA. one time. My friend and his girl were in the front seat. They dared my girlfriend, so she took them up on it. Shit was so cash.

  3. I’ve never thought of this before. We don’t swing at our home, so we usually split a motel with the other guy. This can save us a shitload of money. Thanks for the idea.

  4. i’d like to try this but it’s bad enough my hubby calls me a backseat driver. now he’ll call me a backseat cocksucker. LOL

  5. I read both Backseat Hotwife books and I highly recommend them. Great ideas. My wife and I have a small car but we rent one when we do this. SO much fun and worth the price.

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