Hooking Up With My Girl’s Younger Sister

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“I never would have done it if she weren’t such a tease.”

Hooking Up With My Girl’s Younger Sister

Sage was too hot to resist

My 24 year old girlfriend, Skylar  and her 18 year old sister, Sage,  live with their mother a few streets over from where I live. I’ve been dating Skylar for two years. I’m 28.

It started when Sage walked into the convenience store, on Tuesday night. I’m the manager and I work mostly nights.  She was dressed in denim shorts, and a way too short to be out in public with t-shirt . She had also forgotten to wear a bra. To complete her slutty outfit?  A pair of  red Chucks.

“Hi Billy,” she said smiling and chewing gum at the same time. “What are you doing?”

“Trying to earn a living and stay out of trouble,” I said. “Have you been out whoring around the neighborhood?” I asked, laughing,

“Fuck you, Billy,” she said punching me in the arm, but laughing at the same time. “If you’d just fuck me once, you’d want to fuck me everyday. Trust me!”

I looked over at Sage. She was quite a hottie. Short, 5’1″ and probably 110 lbs in all the right places.  She had a perfect set of tits and an ass just big enough, where it’s not too big, not too small.

“What about your sister?” I asked.

“What about my sister? Why should Skylar have all the fun. She can still fuck you, too,” she said, looking up at me with her blue eyes and twirling her gum around her index finger. “Why don’t you put the Closed sign on the door and take me in the back so I can blow you.”

Sage Comes Onto Me

I loved Skylar, but Sage was wearing me down. The only thing I feared was this whole thing being a test and Skylar using her sister to make sure I wouldn’t cheat on her.

I walked over to the door and locked it securely, putting up the Be Back in 20 Minutes sign. Then I walked back to the aisle where Sage was waiting. She was smiling.

“I knew you’d change your mind,” she said, winking at me and biting her lower lip.

I hated the thought of cheating on Sky, but I couldn’t help myself. I don’t think any guy in the world would, (or could), resist Sage, though.

I quickly ran an aisle over and grabbed two loaves of sliced bread off the shelf.

“What are you doing with those?” she asked. “If you’re hungry, I have something better for you between my legs.”

I placed them side by side on the floor.  She looked up at me, completely puzzled.

“They’re for you to kneel on while you suck my dick,” I said, opening my belt and pulling down my zipper. “I don’t want you to be uncomfortable.”

“I’ve hear the rumor. Is it true?” she asked, as I was about to pull my cock out.

“What rumor?” I asked.

“About your cock. Sky said it was the biggest cock she’s ever seen. She said she can barely fit it in her mouth or between her legs. And her ass would be completely out of the question,” Sage giggled. “I’m just asking, because I dated a guy last year with a huge dick and I learned how to take it anywhere and anyway he wanted it. Where there’s a will there’s a way.”

“So Sky talks about my dick with you?”

“Of course, she does,” Sage answered with a dirty smile. “She’s my sister. We tell each other everything,”

“Well,” I said, suspiciously. “You had better not say anything to her about what you’re about to do.”

Sage laughed and said, “I’d be in just as much trouble as you would. Even worse, because I live with her. Now let me see that huge cock of yours. We haven’t got too much time.”

The Blowjob

I hesitated for a minute, but Sage was just too hot to resist. She knelt down on the bread and smacked her lips. If Sky ever found out about this, I knew she would probably dump me. I couldn’t blamer her, but at the same time, I couldn’t say no to her younger, willing sister. I reached in my boxers and pulled out my dick. Sage’s eyes grew so wide, I thought they would pop out of her head.

“WOW!” she squealed with delight, “It’s true! It’s true! Sage clapped her hands together as if to provide applause for my above-average sized dick.

Apparently, Sage has been around a dick, (or more), before. She grabbed onto it and stroked it slowly at first, jacking it with a nice tight grip, before slipping the head of my cock into her wet and waiting mouth. I moaned. It was quite louder than I usually would have, but I wasn’t expecting Sage to be this crazy good at sucking dick, I mean, Skylar gives great head and I never had any complaints, but Sage was leaps and bound above her sister in the oral department. She could easily take in my girth, where it took Skylar some time to get into it. I didn’t know how long I would be able to keep my cool with her.

“Why don’t you get naked?” I asked her. No one can see you from the door or windows.

Sage stopped sucking my dick long enough to pull her t-shirt off, giving me a view of her fantastic tits, and went right back to work, easily swallowing my cock down her throat. I knew I would pay for this somehow with Skylar, but I just couldn’t help it the girl was incredibly hot and I was incredibly horny.

I watched as Sage rubbed my cock all over her big lips and beautiful face and I noticed a trail of spittle running from her bottom lip to the tip of my cock.

“I’ll show you the rest of me another time,” she said, stopping for another second, but constantly jacking my swollen, hard cock. “You might see all of me sooner than you think. I know I could easily get used to this cock-and don’t you are fucking mention, Skylar. This cock is mine right now. Understand?”

I was half listening to her, concentrating on the immense pleasure I was receiving from Sky’s sister’s mouth.

“Mmmn,” I moaned as an answer to her question. “Whatever you say!”

I continued to enjoy her tongue slurping up and down my stick and her steady, tight grip on my dick. As badly as I wanted to fuck Sage, I resisted. If I went all the way with her I’d really be cheating on Sky. She might forgive me for getting a bj from her sister, but she’d never forgive me if I fucked her. When you fuck your girl’s sister, it’s the ultimate betrayal. Both her boyfriend and her sister fucking her over at the same time. That’s pretty fucked up. I would be in a lot of trouble, but I don’t think she would break up with me over it. I guess I would find out if Sage ever told her.

I looked down at her swallowing my tool. She was taking it deeper than Sky, (or any other woman, for that matter), could. Having a huge dick was both a blessing and a curse. Sage was definitely the superior blowjob giver. So much so, that I decided to cum right then and there for two reasons:

1.) I couldn’t hold on any longer

2.) I had to open up the fucking store again. I probably had people waiting outside.

So I released and let go and Sage was ready, swallowing all of me and not leaving a drop anywhere. She grabbed me around my ass with her right arm and pulled me toward her, so she could get me inside deeper. I had to reach over with both hands and hold onto one of the counters so I wouldn’t lose my balance and fall down on top of her.

When it was over, I looked down and watched her smack her lips. She told me she wished it had lasted longer, but she realized I had to get back to work. She smiled and said she hoped I would fuck her soon. She said she couldn’t wait.

“I don’t know about that,” I said. “You know. Your sister and all.”

“You weren’t thinking of my sister when you were cumming in my mouth, were you?” she asked, putting her t-shirt back on and barely covering those beautiful tits of hers.

“In a way,” I said. “I mean, I felt bad for cheating but you give one fuck of a blowjob. You do promise not to say anything to her, right?”

“I told you I wouldn’t say anything. I don’t have to. She already knows,” Sage replied.

“She knows?” I asked nervously, my stomach turning as the words left her mouth. “How does she know?”

“Oh,” Sage said walking over to one of the nearby shelves and retrieving her phone, which was blocked  by a box of Rice-a-Roni.

“You recorded it?  Are you fucking nuts? Give me that phone. Sky must never find out,” I said loudly, making a lunge for the phone and failing miserably, falling on my ass.

“I can’t give you the phone,” Sage said. “Besides, it’s too late. Sky was getting a live feed on her laptop at home. Sorry to do this to you, but I want you to look upon it as a gift.”

“A gift?” I asked, about to lose my mind.

“Sort of. You see, last week Sky fucked some guy she met at a club. She felt really bad about it and she asked me if I could come over here and either suck or fuck you to make up for it. She’s really sorry.”

“Sky fucked around on me?” I asked, almost not believing her little sister. “I don’t believe it.”

“Why don’t you believe it?” Sage asked, walking over to the cooler and taking a Diet Coke off the shelf. “You just cheated on her. We’re fucking sisters. I have her back.”

“Get the fuck out of here. I have to process all this and I have a fucking store to run, too,” I said, looking outside and seeing a small mob gathering at the door waiting for their cigarettes and lottery tickets.

“Ok,” she agreed, snapping the pull tab on the can and taking a big sip. “Sky wanted me to tell you, that if you did end up cheating on her with me, she would call it even. You guys can continue your relationship as if nothing  ever happened.”

“Fuck her,” I said. “And fuck you, too.”

“Ok, have it your way,” Sage said, turning around and walking to the door, giving me a great view of those ass cheeks, that I would never have the pleasure of sliding my dick in-between. She was out the door before I knew, walking down the street, that killer ass of hers jiggling up and down for all the drivers on the busy street to see.

I never did call Sky. She never called me, either. Still, I hoped, that one day I would see Sage walk in the door, pull up a miniskirt and ask me to fuck her.

I can dream, can’t I?”



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  1. It wasn’t the same thing but I got a bj in a convenience store from a girl I used to date. He closed the store for 15 mins during rush hour. LOL

  2. If I could only fuck my girlfriend’s little sister, I would be the happiest guy on earth. She’s 20 years old and smoking hot!

  3. I hate to waste food, but I wish I knew about the kneeling on loaves of bread idea a long time ago. I might have saved my knees. LOL

  4. Don’t ever cheat on your gf with one of her sisters. Blood is thicker than water. The truth will come out and you’ll be sorry,

  5. I was able to sleep with my gf’s sister a week before my gf and I broke up. She had been cheating on me and I wanted to get even. Turns out her sister was not only a nicer person, but a better fuck. Problem was she was like 37 and divorced and I was 23. It never would have worked out for the long run. I did however bang her for a month straight.

  6. I got a blowjob once at a McDonald’s where I worked. It was in the kitchen. One of the girls who worked there blew every guy that worked there at one time or another.
    She would walk up to someone and ask f they wanted some McHead. LOL

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