Hot Letters from our Readers-December 2018

We asked you to provide us with tales of your outdoor/public or sex in risky places stories. Thanks to all who responded.

Hot Letters from our Readers-December 2018

Fingered on a Train

I fingered my wife on a train ride from Hartford, CT to NYC once. The train car was packed and it was 7am. I covered her lap with my jacket and went to work under her skirt. She almost killed me when I first started, until she relaxed and got really into into it. She had to stifle her moans and deep breathing, but it was equally hot. The guy sitting across the aisle knew something was going on and he would look over every few seconds. That only made it hotter for both of us. She talked about giving me a hand job on the ride back, but we nixed the idea because it would be too messy and more noticeable. We didn’t want to get arrested or thrown off the train.

Steven H. NYC

Happy Meal

I don’t know if it’s all that creative, but I gave my boyfriend head in the car while he drove through the McDonald’sĀ  drive through. The employees at the window took out their phones so they could video it. I didn’t care. They only got the top of my head. Not my face. It was a turn on.

Tamra G. Montgomery, AL.

Google Me

You wanna know what a true embarrassment is? My wife and I are on Google Street View in the middle of a blowjob on the roof of our apartment building. You can see us as plain as fucking day. If you know me,Ā  you will know me when you see it.. Fuck Google!

Allen U.Ā  Belmont, KS.

Flashing Fun

I don’t know if this counts as sex in public, but i go out with my boyfriend once in awhile to a public place and I flash people. My boobs, my ass and if I’m wearing a short skirt, my pussy too. My BF records it on his phone. Then we go home and fuck like crazy.

Victory A. New Haven, CT.

Dumpster Dive

I had attended a metal concert in my city with my girlfriend and we were high and horny and I fucked her behind a trash dumpster, It was dark out, but there were street lights and people walking through. Pretty exciting, though.

Ian V, Milwaukee, WI

People Watch Us Have Sex

My boyfriend and I are professional models and fortunately very fit and attractive. We mostly work for smaller ad companies and magazines, but when business gets slow in the summer, we charge people to watch us have sex in their homes. We charge $300 for a 40 minute show. We usually get tipped pretty well. It’s mainly older married couples who hire us to have sex and turn them on. We never have sex with our customers. One of my female model friends and I are also starting a Lesbian version of what my bf and I do to get more work. I asked my boyfriend to start another division with one of his guy friends just for gays, but he told me, “I’m not that gay.” Well, I beg to differ LOL. Don’t know if that counts as public sex, but we do have sex for the public, LOL.

Destiny M., South Beach, FL

Feel free to leave your experiences in the comments section, below.

In January, we’ll be looking for your most embarrassing sexual incidents.

16 thoughts on “Hot Letters from our Readers-December 2018

  1. Having sex in public/risky places is way too dangerous these days. Too many cameras and they’re everywhere. If you want to try it, make certain to do it at night. You have a better chance if not bring arrested

  2. To the girl who flashes. My husband and I used to go out and do that all the time when I was much younger. This was long before cell phones so we have no record of it. Most guys I flashed would be surprised or shocked and then when they realized what was going on, they would smile, or even applaud. I used to wear miniskirts and a T-top for easy access. Be careful out there. There are many more surveillance cams today, than there were in the 90’s. We Were kicked out of the movies one night. Embarrassing, but funny now. Good luck, but be careful. šŸ˜Š

  3. My gf and I used to go to the park picnic area and fuck on a picnic table. This place used to be desserted after 8pm, so it was the perfect place. We never got caught, but one hot July night we got sprayed by a skunk. Talk about a buzz kill. Lol. That was the last time we did it there.

  4. I used to do security at a golf course and one night we caught a couple having sex on the 18th hole. The guy was a member of the club, so we just asked them to leave. They were both drunk. His wife was gorgeous, too.. Great body. We each got a $50 tip to keep it quiet. Not a bad wage.

  5. I got a bj in a nightclub from my (then) topless girlfriend in a booth in the VIP. It was crazy. The place was packed and everyone saw it and clapped. I was much crazier in my 20’s

  6. I never had the guts to do anything like this. The most public sex I’ve ever had was in a car in a secluded parking lot. That was exciting enough for me, even though the area creeped me out.

  7. I banged my ex on a table in a kitchen at a wild party. It was the hottest thing we had ever done and we were into some weird stuff at the time. We had a huge audience of both sexes and we got a big round of applause. Being drunk was a must. We would have never done that sober.

  8. These stories a little tame compared to mine. I had sex with my wife in a changing too at Target before we were married. It was something we always wanted to try. We were asked to never return. I think she was a little loud .

  9. I used to masturbate in public places, like at a restaurant table, or bus stop, and my bf would video it. I probably did it 30 or 40 times. Then one day I read about a cam girl being arrested at a library in Canada for playing with herself in public and recording it. She had to go to court. How embarrassing. I never did it again after that.

  10. Me and my ex gf did it in a stall at the men’s room at the flea market. It was a dirty and disgusting place but we were both drunk šŸ˜µ and horny.

  11. In my fenceless yard late at night with my girlfriend att. When we were done. She stood up, still naked and my neighbor’s security light lit up. I never saw her run in the house so fast. Lol šŸ˜

  12. I remember that cam model being arrested. I even saw the video from when she was caught by someone in the library. She made a very hasty exit. Of course she was doing it for her website and not personal thrills, but it just goes to show you how you can be having fun one minute and being arrested the next. It’s not going to stop my wife and I from doing stuff like this because of how into it we are. But we are more aware and careful.

  13. I got a bj once in a hospital bed. I was undergoing a small procedure in the morning and my girl sneaked in and blew me. My roommate was asleep and nurses could have walked in anytime. I highly recommend it if you’re adventurous enough.

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