Hot Letters from our Readers-February 2019

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Thank you for your letters this month. I apologize I can’t publish all of them, but I have read them and appreciate your interest in the website. Got something to say? Write to us at EroticStory.Club today, or comment below.

Hot Letters from our Readers-February 2019



Superbowl Blow

Dear Erotic Story Club
Great site. Thanks for the hot stories. My wife and I, (I’m 32 and he’s 27) live in N.Carolina and we had our first hot wife adventure on Superbowl Sunday. We invited a couple we knew to come over and watch the big game on our 60 inch screen in my man cave. My wife had made a ton of food and we had an endless supply of liquor on hand, too. We had always been flirty when out with Janet and Jeff, but it was all in fun. My husband Tommy would always say he wanted to sleep with Janet and Tommy would always say he wanted to sleep with me. It was all in good fun until the big game.

I was very tipsy by the end of the second quarter and none of us were at all excited about watching the lame half time show the NFL thought we wanted. I went into the bedroom for a few moments and came out holding onto my Patriots cap, which was upside down.

I told them there were two guys name written on pieces of paper inside my cap and I was going to give a blowjob to the guy I drew from my cap. The three applauded, although Tommy looked a bit jealous when he discovered there might be a chance of Jeff getting a blowjob. Like I said, we had all been drinking, but the game was boring and I wanted to add a little excitement to our afternoon.

“Wait a sec,” Janet said. “I want in on this, too.”

“Ok, but if you want to play, you have to take off your clothes before you start blowing,” I laughed.

Janet, (who is a lot chunkier than I am), wasn’t fazed by my statement. She looked me in the eyes and said, “I want in. Pick a fucking name, already.” Her husband, (who thought this was all some kind of practical joke), just laughed.

I reached into the hat, making a big deal out of it. Then I pulled out a piece of paper and opened it, “Oh my,” I said. “Jeff is the winner. Janet. It looks like you’re going to be blowing Tommy. We have to hurry because the game will coming back on soon. Do you boys have any objections or is this something neither of you want to do?”

Jeff immediately spoke up. “I’m in,: he said looking over at Tommy for an approval nod. It took a couple of minutes, but Tommy finally stood up and dropped his pants. I was always very proud of Tommy’s dick and I’m glad one of my dear friends would not only see it, but be able to suck on it.

I was out of my Pats sweatshirt and jeans in less than 10 seconds and knelt on the floor in front of Jeff, who had by this time, pulled out his quite large cock and was slowing jerking it.

Janet, was kneeling in front of Tommy. As far as I know, he had never had sex with a heavy chick. Janet had big boobs and a big fat ass. I tried to get a look at her pussy, but in the position she was kneeling, it was impossible for me to see. She grabbed tightly onto Tommy’s cock, obviously happy with her assignment and Tommy counted down from 5 before each one of us took those cocks in mouths.

Tommy was out of his mind horny while Janet blew him. She was a beautiful woman, and at 22, was 6 years younger than me. I’m glad he was enjoying himself. I had heard somewhere that fat girls gave the best head. I would have to remember to ask Tommy about it later.

Jeff had a fine cock. Skinny, but really long, which made it a great dick for deep-throating. I was excited. I hadn’t blown another guy since way before I was married and I hoped I would do a good job. Jeff seemed happy, by the moans and groans he was letting out of his mouth, as I tried to take as much of his cock down my throat as possible. I can’t tell you how refreshing it was for me to suck a new dick.

Every so often, I would look over at Janet and Tommy. He seemed to be having a grand old time. He had a handful of her long black hair and was guiding his cock in as deeply as she could take it. I was having fun giving Jeff head and it looked like Janet was having a good time too, It made me wonder why we hadn’t done this before. I don’t know if Tommy would be interested in fucking Janet, but I wouldn’t mind taking a roll with her husband for a couple of hours.

Jeff surprised me by starting to dirty talk with me right in front of Tommy.

“Suck that cock, Allie,” he’d say, or “I want to cum down your throat.” I almost giggled because Tommy wasn’t much into dirty talk, so I very rarely hear it. After awhile it started to turn me on.

Tommy was getting his dick sucked by an expert. Janet had a reputation as a blow queen when we were younger, so I knew Tommy would benefit from that. Jeff wasn’t complaining either. I had given my share of blowjobs before I was married. I had skills.

I could hear the announcers say on TV they were getting back to the game and we didn’t want to miss anything. All of a sudden I heard Tommy say, “I’m gonna cum!” Janet went crazy on his cock as he came. Half of it ended up on her face, porn star style.

I sucked Jeff’s long skinny dick harder and then shoved it down, which caused me to gag. That turned him on tremendously and he gave me his overflowing load directly in my mouth.

2 minutes later we were happily back to the game and the guys looked extremely relaxed. LOL I hope to swing with them in the future. Jeff wants to see Janet and I have sex. That would be a first for me. And I want to fuck that skinny, long dick of Jeff’s

We made plans to meet up the following weekend and see what happens. If it’s anything fun, I’ll be sure to let you know.

BTW the Pats won!

Diane M.
Augusta, ME



Dear Erotic Story Club,
My girlfriend Diane likes to show off in public with a flash here and there. She’ll make sure she shows her pussy to the other customers, when she’s trying on shoes, or flash her tits when we’re walking through Walmart. It took a lot of getting used to for me because she already had this weird hobby when we started dating several months ago. I used to get a little jealous when she’d flash a guy her bush or ass, but lately it’s been turning me on and I’ve been encouraging her to get naked in public places so I can photograph her. She’s all for it. Wish us luck.

Reno, NV.


Worst Threesome Ever?

Dear Erotic Story Club,
A couple of months ago, you published a story about ruined threesomes. My girl and I were part of a ruined one on her birthday. We made a deal that she would get the first threesome with a male friend of mine and I would get the next one with a hot girl she lived with. We agreed to meet at a motel outside of town at 10 pm. Debbie and I had been smoking weed all night to mellow out and when the other guy showed up, he was crazy drunk. He came in stumbling and sat down in a chair. My girl was in the bathroom doing her make up and I knew this night had the potential to go south very quickly and that’s what it did when the guy puked on himself and the floor he was sitting in. When my girl came out and saw that, she ran back into the bathroom and puked, herself. The smell was so overpowering, we got out of there as fast as possible. We left the guy there to deal with the mess. We never did meet up with that guy again and we’re still looking for a third. Anyone interested?

Bill and Debbie
Johnson City, TN


You Can Do It. We Can Help

Dear Erotic Story Club,
I used to be a manager at Home Depot and was having an affair with one of the female cashiers. I’m not married, but she was. We used to have sex in one area of the store that I knew didn’t have any cameras. Because of our affair, we always worked nights together. One evening after we had sex the night before, I was called into a meeting by my district and regional managers. As soon as they turned on one of the security monitors, I knew why they were there. There it was, as plain as day, me fucking the cashier in a corner in one of the stockrooms. Apparently, they had installed a camera in that location because that’s where another employee had been stuffing merchandise into his jacket and pants before he went home at night. Since I was a manager, they gave me the option of being terminated, or resigning. I decided to resign. They fired the cashier after they spoke with me. It was fun while it lasted, but it wasn’t worth losing my job over.

Eddie T.
Phoenix, AZ



Dear Erotic Story Club,
After months of asking her out, I finally got Cindy to go out with me. It was the evening of my 18th birthday and I was going to be seen with the hottest girl in my graduating class. She was a few months older than me. She was single, but so popular, she always had dates and I wanted to show her a good time. She was so beautiful and looked so great when I picked her up, I never wanted the night to end.

We both ended up having a fantastic time and talked all night about everything. I took her to an expensive restaurant, and then we went to a movie and held hands during the movie. After we left the theater I had to bring her home. I promised I would have her home by midnight. She was still living with her parents and even though she was over 18, she had to abide by a curfew if she wanted to live there. We chatted in the car for awhile and I got out to open her door like a gentleman.

All of a sudden she asked, “Would you like to come in? I live in the basement apartment and my parents never bother me. I agreed immediately. We both went inside, sat on the sofa and watched some Netflix and soon we were making out. That making out, led to a bit of foreplay and soon she was topless and I had my pants around my ankles. I was completely infatuated with Cindy. I couldn’t believe I was not only getting to suck on her beautiful tits, but she was jacking me off, too.

There was only one thing that was going to make the night a complete success, but when I put my hands inside my pants, she stopped me and said, “I really like you and I want to see you again. Do you mind if we wait to do that?”

I said, “Of course, not.” I wasn’t crazy. At the very least I was going to get a handjob from the hottest girl in town and then she said, “I’m not going to let you go home with blue balls on your birthday.” Then she slides down from the couch and onto the floor where she grabbed onto my cock and began kissing and licking it. I couldn’t believe my good fortune.

Everything was going excellent until she took my dick inside her mouth and started sucking up and down on it. I almost cried out from the pain. It pains me to say it, but Cindy was a scraper and dragged her teeth along my dick while she blew me. I had heard about scrapers, before from other friends of mine, but had never had one. Each time she went up and then back down on my dock, her teeth dragged along it, casing me great pain. I finally got to the point where I had to stop her.

“What’s the matter?” she asked. “Doesn’t it feel good?”

I told her how good it felt, but I lied and told her that I had to get home and go to sleep since I had to get up the next morning. We made small talk for a few minutes and I left my topless date, alone on her couch while I went home. I was devastated.

When I got home and checked out the condition of my dick, I could believe it. There were red scrapes and scratches all over it. I was in pain. I took a cold shower and went to bed.

I never contacted Cindy again and she never tried to call me. I felt awful. I had been in love with her for so long. I read recently on Facebook, that she had married a rich guy and moved to Boston. I wonder how that guy loves having his cock scraped to shreds every night?

Peter V.


First and Last Time Lesbian

Dear Erotic Story Club,
Shout to every guy and girl who went through a threesome when they really didn’t want to, and they were just trying to make their partners happy. I was part of such a threesome one night. An ex boyfriend who I was still friends with asked me if I would be the third partner in a threesome with he and his girl. I agreed. I had never been with a woman before and it was on my bucket list. After I saw a photo of her, I agreed to do it.

We met at a motel that Saturday night and smoked a couple of joints and had a few glasses of wine and then everyone got into bed. She knew I was inexperienced so the girl went down on me first and got me off several times. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t wait to please her too, so her boyfriend suggested we get into the 69 position.

I began eating her out, not really knowing what I was doing down there and when I finally realized what I was doing I got ill and had to go to the bathroom. The other girl was clean as a whistle and very nice. It was all me. I just decided at that point I hated to eat pussy. It made me ill. I threw up several times.

When I got back, I tried to keep my cool. I suggested that the girl eat me out while her boyfriend fucked her from behind. Then the other girl and I got into the doggie style position side by side on the bed while her boyfriend went back and forth fucking us. It ended with a double blowjob for him and the girl and I kissing afterward, which I really enjoyed. I don’t know if they ever caught on, but they never called me again and that was the last time I ate a pussy.

Toni T.
Peabody, MA.


Blow by Blow

Dear Erotic Story Club,
I don’t know if you publish gay stories, but I’m a bisexual guy who loves your site and I thought of something I did many years ago that I haven’t since repeated. One night at a party, I sucked 5 guys off at a party. They circled me and I knelt on the floor and kept rotating between all five. I don’t know what madeĀ  me do that, but I wasn’t even all that drunk. Someone was talking about blowjobs and he was a cute straight guy, so I offered to go somewhere and blow him. He asked me if I would mind if he brought a friend along and I agreed. Those two guys became 5 guys right before my eyes. I hadn’t had much dick experience yet, and I already had a steady girlfriend who knew I was bi, but I decided to step up to the plate and take my swings. My girl had never seen me suck a dick before and she was very anxious to watch.

The guys all stripped down and I was excited. 3 of them had really big cocks. One of them asked me to take off my clothes, so I did. I successfully finished off all 5 in my mouth. It took about a half hour. When it was over, there was no one to get me off, so my gf got down on her knees in front of everyone and did it. Shit was cash. After that I would occasionally meet up with 2 of the guys from that night and these supposedly straight guys and we would suck each others dicks. That went on for months.

Peoria, IL


Dear Erotic Story Club,
I don’t know if this is something you would be interested in seeing on your site, but one night when I was 22 or 23 I not only did a strip tease in a bar, but I also played with myself to orgasm in front of at least 30 men and women. (Mostly men.)

Same old story. I was out with a few of the girls after work and we went to a men’s car, because they had a pool table and one of the girls was teaching us how to play. One drink led to another and then a song came on the jukebox that I hadn’t heard in years, Cherry Pie by Warrant. Like a drunken clown I began to dance a sexy dance using the pool cue and one of the girls yelled out, “Take it all off baby!” I thought that was pretty funny, because I knew she was joking, but another, (a big mouth, named Angie) yelled out. “I knew she didn’t have the guts to strip.” And that pissed me the fuck off.

Dancing as slowly and as sensually as possible, I began to strip. First, unbuttoning my shirt, snapping my bra open in front and letting my big ol’ titties pop out to whoops, whistles, cat calls and applause. After I was fully naked, I began caressing my tits and playing with my pussy and that made the crowd insane with delight. I grabbed onto a cue stick and after dancing with it for awhile, I made the thick end disappear up my pussy and I masturbated myself with it. It was crazy but fun

I can tell you that after I was finished, we didn’t pay for a single drink that night. The next day I felt like such a slut and wondered how many phones had recorded my X-rated strip tease.

Becca C,
Jersey City, NJ.

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6 thoughts on “Hot Letters from our Readers-February 2019

  1. The guy who wrote about having sex at Home Depot. Pretty much everyone fucks around in a retail store. I worked in a Kmart where employees used to fuck in the stockrooms and the store detectives would fuck girls in the security office. Even the store manager was banging a cashier. I’ll also estimate that at least 75% of them were married and fucking around.

  2. I read lots of stuff here about guys whose wives do other guys-sometimes in front of them. I would love to do this with my wife. I know it would turn her on, but she also might be pissed or think I’ve gone bonkers. Any suggestions.

  3. LOL Wanna get laid? Work at Walmart. I got laid so much at Walmart my dick almost fell off. All you have to do is to not be too picky. So, fuck the ugly ones, the old ones and the fat ones, as well as the younger, skinnier ones. If you do that you’ll always have Walmart pussy anytime you want it. Sometimes, she’ll be hot and other times, not. Still, follow my advice and you’ll never lack pussy at Walmart.

  4. To the husband who wants his wife to become a hotwife. Just talk her into it, like I did. Convince her how much it would turn you on to share her. After you find the guy, invite him over for a few drinks. Things will loosen up rather quickly,

    However, be careful what you wish for. Make sure you’re both prepared for an impact on your relationship-good or bad. Once you do something like this, it can’t be undone. Your wife will want more. With or without you.

  5. You can pretty much get laid if you work in any retail chain. I worked for both Target and Kmart and had absolutely no problems ever when I wanted a woman. As long as you are clean, a halfway decent person and treat a woman nice (no matter she looks) you’ll find an abundance of retail pussy,

  6. You more apt to have sex with women at work if you hold some type of authority over people, (Like a store manager, or something) and can get them the schedule or days off they want. At least that’s the way it used to be. Last time I worked in a store was 20 years ago.

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