Hot Letters from our Readers-November 2018

sex regrets
“Did I really just do that? UGH!

November 2018-Sexual Regret

Last month we asked our readers about their sex regrets and received way more emails than we can possibly publish. I’ve chosen the ones Thank you.

I Had Sex With My Boyfriend’s Brother

“I was pissed at my boyfriend and had sex with his older brother. He eventually found out about it, but it backfired on me. He sided with his brother and broke up with me. I had sex with the brother once after the breakup. He had a big dick. He also had a girlfriend, so he had to stop seeing me”

Cheryl S.
Milwaukee, WI


Some Guy in a Bar

“I danced all night with a guy I met in a club. I was drunk and ended up going home with him. I woke up before he did and sneaked out of his apartment. I had to do the walk of shame to the subway.. Talk about embarrassing, I not only don’t remember the sex, but he wasn’t very good looking either, Definitely not my type.”

Victoria W.
Los Angeles, CA


An Ex-Girlfriend

“I bumped into Melanie in a pub, when I was in Florida last year on vacation. We had dated for 3 years and I broke it off when I discovered she had cheated on me.  She had broken my heart. I left Florida and moved to California, but return as often as I can to see friends and family. Mel was there eating dinner alone after work,  She still looked beautiful.I hadn’t seen nor heard from her in over 5 years.  I was single and she said she was too. We sat and talked and drank for hours, reminiscing about everything, Later on in the evening, I knew we were going to end up in bed together and we did. The Tropical Inn II Motel in Room 31. The sex was amazing. There was literally nothing we didn’t do in bed that night. It was just like old times. I would never forgive her for what she did to me, but it was still nice fun to fuck her again. We fell asleep afterward and she ended up shaking me awake at 3 am, in a panic. asking me to drive her back to her car. I have to get home to my husband she  said sounding worried. I never brought up the fact she told me she was single just hours before. I gave her a ride back downtown to her car and she left there at 4:10 AM. Melanie sucked a great dick, but I sure felt bad for her husband.:

Mark U,
San Francisco, CA.


A Quickie with the Plumber

My husband and I were at a point in our marriage where we were constantly arguing. He called me fat one day and I really took it personally. I ended up blowing the plumber that came to the house to fix a problem in the kitchen. I was feeling down on myself and asked him if he wanted head right there in the kitchen.I sat on a chair and he stood in front of me, pumping in and out of my mouth until he came. It was over in 10 minutes and awkward afterwards. That was 10 years ago. We got our marriage back on track soon after that and I never told him what happened. I regret I did it, but to tell you the truth it was pretty hot.

Marla J.
Boston, MA.


Gay for a Day

I was 22 and my girlfriend and I had broken up a couple of weeks before, so my friends took me out, since I was so depressed. A bunch of us went out to a strip club and got roaring drunk. My friend Bobby drove me home and we went in my house and had sex. I had never had sex with with another guy before. To tell you the truth, I don’t remember much about it, but I know it happened. We never spoke of it again. Huge regrets.

Kevin Y.
Denton, TX.


Kissing Cousins

I had sex with my first cousin, Cathy when we were 20. We had always had a crush on each other and went out to dinner one night, Afterward we went to a motel. She was, (and is still), the hottest woman I had ever had sex with. We secretly dated for a few months and then she had to move for her job. We still see each other at family functions, but she’s now married and has completely friend-zoned me. I don’t, but I think she regrets it.

Hoover, Alabama


My Friend’s Girlfriend

A major sex regret for me was fucking one of my friend’s girlfriends last year. They got into a huge fight one night and she came over to tell me about it. She was vulnerable. She regrets it and so do I. They’re back together and he never found out, I still feel like an asshole.

Mike R
San Jose, CA


My Ex-Boss in his Office

My ex-boss, Ted, and I fucked in his office after we had closed for the day. He was married and told me he was in love with me. He took me on a small sofa he had for decoration. He took me from behind and I wanted it too. He had a huge cock and was one of few men who ever made me orgasm that way. The regret? I met his wife at a company party and she was one of the sweetest people ever. I felt like an asshole. I left the job shortly after that.

Austin, TX


I Was in a College Sex Video

I was promiscuous in college and I met a guy who worked for an adult film company.  They hired me and a bunch of horny college students to have an orgy so they could film it. It was both fun and difficult to do. I had never had sex with a woman before and had to eat pussy like a pro. I also got fucked by 4 guys that day. I got $750 to do the video, but now that I’m an older married woman, I know it was a stupid thing to do and I would die if anyone ever recognized me. No one so far, so I think I’m safe. That was 18 years ago. The video is still online on several sites. I haven’t watched it. I don’t want to be reminded of what a slut I was.

Maggie O.

Fucking in France

I went to uni in Paris and had a girlfriend back home in England, who I fucked around on for 2 years. She never found out and we’re still together. I’m never going to tell her. Why bother to hurt her?

Lawrence S.


My Girlfriend is a Whore

I date a woman whose sucked 37 dicks. 37!

Dante Hicks
Working late at the store


Editor’s comment

“In a row?”

Thanks for the comment. I loved the Clerks reference. 


A 3 sum With my Friends

I’m not exactly sure how the threesome happened. Me and 2 of my guy friends when hanging out one night and got talking about our sexual experiences and then the talk led to 3 sums and before I knew it, I had a cock in my mouth and a cock in my pussy at the same time. I was so horny I did everything. Anal and DP too. Do I regret it? Absolutely 100 per fucking cent. I hadn’t know Sanchez too long, but I’ve known Alton a long time. He’s one of my brother’s best friends. If my brother ever found out about it, he’d fucking kill us both. LOL. I didn’t repeat the act with these guys even though it was fun. They’ve asked me several times, and although I’ve been tempted, I feel guilty over doing it with my brother’s friend, so yeah, I regret that.

Provo, UT

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14 thoughts on “Hot Letters from our Readers-November 2018

  1. I don’t know if this counts but my gf caught me jerking it in front of my laptop when she came home from work. She saw everything. It was embarrassing af and she was pissed that I did it. She said it made her feel like the girls I was jerking off to, (it was lesbian porn) must have had something she didn’t. Things got weird for awhile but eventually were ok. We’re not together anymore. Now when I look back on it, I laugh.
    Regretted it then but not now.

  2. This is a good subject, because I’m sure most people have regretted something they did sexually.

    I admit I have two that stick out, but one of them makes me cringe each time I think of it. I was just out of college and working for a small office. It was one of those places where everyone knew everyone else’s personal business. I was training to become a CPA. (I know, real exciting, huh?) I worked with a woman named Kelly. She was the most obnoxious person in the office of 22 employees, but at the time I didn’t know her well. She and I had desks across from each other. Kelly was very overweight and not really my type, but she seemed ok at first. When the holidays started coming around, she asked me what I was going to do on New Year’s Eve. I told her I wasn’t planning on doing anything. BIG MISTAKE! She asked me to go a NYE party with her and stupid me said yes. I guess I went because I felt bad for her, but I never should have gone.

    I sat at this house party thrown by one of her friends and it was more dull than a knife used to slice cement. So I sat there and drank. Then I drank more and after that I drank some more. After getting drunk, I realized that she didn’t seem that unattractive, so we started making out, which led to us leaving early and going to a motel where we fucked several times. Afterwards we fell asleep and both woke up the next day with raging hangovers. I was not happy when I realized what I did, but she was acting like she was in love with me. She called me 5 times a day for the next 3 days. I didn’t call her back.

    I drove her home and hoped the whole thing would blow over, but come the following Monday, all 22 people in the office knew what we had done and even though she wasn’t well-liked in the office, I was the asshole for not calling the next day. Plus people were busting my balls non stop about it.

    This all got to be too much for the boss who called us into her office to discuss the matter. They were going to move me to another branch a few towns away, but I ended up resigning right away. I lost a good paying job because I dated an employee and couldn’t keep my dick inside my pants.

  3. After we were out drinking one night, I have head to my bf and his friend. They wanted to go further, but I said it would just be head. I regretted it immediately when it was over because I felt like a slut. When my bf asked me to do it the following night, I refused and he turned into an asshole, so I broke up with him. I really liked him, too.

    If you think you’re going to regret doing something like that my advice is not to do it in the first place

  4. This is the best topic ever. I had sex with my best friend’s sister who was fucking gorgeous after I promised him I would never go near her. It was a disaster. She fell in love and I just wanted to hook up. I’m an asshole I guess. He never talked to me again. Feels bad,man.

  5. Had sex with an ex boyfriend I hadn’t seen in 5 years. We bumped into each other at the mall and had dinner and drinks. Afterward we went back to his place and did the deed. That’s when we fell hard for each other again. .I broke up with my current s/o and so did he. We dated again for 6 months and then broke up again. A person doesn’t change a lot just because you haven’t seen them in a long time. Stupid move.

  6. At the urging of my ex boyfriend, we went to a swingers party. Things just started off with him and I and it was hot. But I went way overboard. I got fucked by two strangers and licked by a woman. I regret my evening as a whore. I wish I could take it all back. Hot while it was happening. Disgusting after.

  7. About 5 years into my marriage, I realized I was bisexual and needed some male companionship. I got a couple of guys on the side and it was always safe sex but I always felt like shit for cheating. I never told her because that would have become a giant clusterfuck. I occasionally have sex with guys now, but I’m older so not as much.

  8. I had a 3 sum with my bf at the time and a girl he used to work with.
    It was fun but the other girl and i had a better time than my bf did. we were drunk and pretty much into each other and that continued for a few months after the 3 sum-without my bf’s help. He broke up with me when he found out I had been cheating on him with the other girl. I was devastated but deserved it. I haven’t had lesbian sex since and I’m with a new guy, but I really loved my ex bf. Deep regrets.

  9. I gave head to my boss and then I gave my notice the next day. I thought I really liked him until I saw how small his cock was. I know. I’m shallow and I regret sucking his little tiny dick.

  10. I gave one of my girlfriends head in the back of my car in her driveway. (I’m a girl,too) Halfway through I wanted to throw up since we had done shots all night. I’m glad I didn’t. She said I did a great job for a first timer, but it never happened again.

  11. Regrets? Lol 😁 My biggest sexual regret was Becky. I’m still paying off that one. Another huge regret is I dumped my booty call of 6 years and now I can’t 😞 get her back.

  12. I gave my boss oral in his office the day before he transferred to another building. He came in my mouth and called me a whore. I felt shameful for giving him a going away present I thought he would appreciate. Two days later, I called his wife and told her. She hung up on me, but I haven’t seem him around the complex. Asshole.

  13. I was out with a few people for drinks and to shoot some pool. This guy who was with this really hot girl that was there, told me I could bang her if I let him fuck my ass. I laughed so hard, I nearly threw up, but the guy wasn’t kidding. I’m not gay and never had my ass penetrated before, but the more I drank, the more I wanted to fuck that hottie he was with. I told him it was a go. The three of us left and went back to his place, where I dropped my pants and bent over. The girl applied a bunch of lube and before I knew it the dude’s dick was halfway up my ass, Hurt like a bastard for a few minutes and then actually felt pretty good-or I was pretty drunk and couldn’t feel it.
    The guy fucked my ass for a whole 22 minutes. It was torture. Then he nutted inside of me, which I didn’t think was supposed to be part of the deal. After that was done, the girl wanted to fuck me and I wanted to fuck her, but I was too drunk to get it up. What a fucking disappointment. I was humiliated. I went home and all I had to show for my efforts was an ass full of cum and a sore hole. Talk about regrets! 🙁

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