Hot Letters: Sexual Regrets

Sexual Regrets torment this young married woman

Hot Letters: Sexual Regrets

I can’t get over this topic being so popular on this website. Every time I open my email, there’s another two or three tales of good, old fashioned, sexual regret. I can’t post them all, but I do save the best ones. When they build up a little, I publish them

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Sexual Regret for Married Couple


Regrets After an Orgy

Orgy? Seriously? I can’t believe I was a part of one. 5 men, 5 women. It started with a cocktail party. A couple Jay and I know invited us to their house and they had invited people we didn’t know. Drinks were had, and marijuana smoked. That’s a potent recipe for Take Your Cloths Off and Have Sex Stew.

Jay and I had never done anything like that before and it was very out of character for both us, but there we were, sucking and fucking along with everyone else. I ate 4 pussies and got fucked by five cocks. We all fell asleep after it and I woke up naked, with my legs spread wide open and a sticky mess all over me.

We left the house as quickly as possible and decided to shower at home so we could leave and it wouldn’t get awkward with the other people. We regret it. Without a doubt.

Alcohol + Marijuana = Bad Decisions.




Breakup After a Threesome

I did a dumb thing once. This was years ago when I was 20. I owed my best friend Karen a huge favor and when she called me on it, I almost had to refuse.

She had promised her boyfriend, Ronny, she would give him a threesome with her and another woman and she wanted me to do it.  To make a long story short, I found out right before we did it that Karen’s boyfriend knew my boyfriend Tyler, who didn’t know anything about me being in a threesome. I decided not to tell Tyler and just keep it a secret. He wouldn’t understand and would break up with me,  Ronny said he’d keep it a secret. He didn’t. Tyler broke up with me and I never saw him again.

Nancy L
Houston, TXLIPS


I Sucked a Dick

I’m a guy who was always curious about sucking dick, so I went online and found a guy. I met him at his apartment and he dropped his pants. He was 23 and I was 34. He had a great big dick. I loved sucking it. I regretted it right after he came in my mouth. I had sucked a dick. Yuck. What the fuck have I done? That was 4 months ago and I really want to do it again, but I would end up feeling disgusted with myself.  I get the urge once every couple of weeks but I’ve been able to control it so far. Wish me luck staying off the cock. LOL.

Daryl B
Cape Coral, FL



The Glory Hole Mistake

I had a kinky boyfriend ask me once to do a glory hole for an hour at the adult store in town. I laughed every time he mentioned it. One night we were fooling around and I was horny and I told him I’d go with him to the glory hole.

When we got to the adult store, we found the booths in the back, with a line of about 7 or 8 guys waiting for something to happen. It was a rarity, but it looked like I was the only woman there on a Friday night at 10pm.

I opened the door to one of the booths and turned on the lights and it was just what you’d expect it to be. It was disgusting. There was a broken stool in the corner, used condoms in the trash cans and even a spit bucket, in case the person doing the blowing was didn’t swallow. Pretty classy, huh?

There were two glory holes in the wall. Two women could either work side by side or one woman could go back and forth. There really were no rules.

I took my clothes off and knelt on the floor on top of an old rolled up beach towel I had brought with me in my bag. A sign on the wall told me to push a button when I was ready. A green light would appear to the waiting to let them know someone was waiting to suck their dicks.

I was naked for my boyfriend’s benefit. He started to eat my ass as soon as I got on my knees. He knew I loved that and he wanted to turn me on, so I would be comfortable. I was turned on. I flipped the switch and and the first dick came through the hole.  A big, black cock. It looked meaty and delicious and I willingly took it in my mouth, I couldn’t hear any moans from the dick’s owner, because I was wearing my earbuds and listening to music, which I always did when I gave head.  After I sucked and swallowed the black one, a white white one took it’s place seconds later and I sucked and swallowed that, too. Now my bf was fucking me from behind and I began to cum as the third dick came threw the hole waiting to be serviced. After I had two orgasms, I stopped, looked up, realized where I was and I got up and said to my bf that I had to get out of there, I felt deeply guilty and regretful. He was pissed, because he didn’t get to cum and I was in no mood to do anything about it when he dropped me off at my house. I was completely turned off. We broke up a month later.

I rarely talk about this incident because it makes be feel like like a slut, but since this is a forum for sexual regrets, I wanted to get it off my chest, too. Thanks for reading.

Valerie F.
Chicago, ILLIPS


The Birthday Present

My name is Tony and I’m 39 years old. On my wife Gloria’s 40th birthday I surprised her with two 23 year old black studs for her birthday. I found them online.

I told Gloria to get ready for a sexy evening at a motel and to wear some hot lingerie. Gloria liked having sex in cheap motels because it made her feel hot and trashy. She liked that feeling

When we got to the motel room, we had a couple of glasses of  champagne, When she got up to go to the bathroom, I texted the guys and told them to come over. 30 minutes later there was a knock at the door while I was in bed going down on her to kill some time.

She jumped up when she heard the knocks and I told her not to worry. I went to the door, looked into the peephole and it was the two guys, When they walked in I shouted out, “Happy Birthday, Gloria!”

Of course, she was surprised, shocked and even a little scared.  She also had several glasses of champagne inside of her. These guys were true pros. They got into bed with her, told her they were her 40th birthday gift from me and then they started to go to work. They passed her back and forth like a blunt at a weed party for an hour and half, before both of them came inside of her. When it was over, the two guys left and I fucked her. She loved it and told me what a great  present it was and how thoughtful a husband I was to give her a present like that. I was pretty proud of myself.

Two weeks later, I found out by accident that she had sex with these guys again at least two more times after her birthday, I was devastated. She apologized, but I tossed her ass out after 15 years of marriage.

We were ok before that night. I definitely giving her that gift.

Tony L.
Not Disclosed




I Dated a Fucking Psycho

I dated a transsexual for a couple of months. She was hot but a fucking psycho. There was always so much drama. When I broke up with her, she contacted some of my social media friends and families and sent pics of us fucking to them. I don’t think I have to tell you how much I regret dating that bitch.

Peter S.
Ann Arbor, MILIPS


The Fleshlight

One time my wife was drink at a party and told all my friends that I owned a fleshlight. I was so fucking embarrassed and 5 years later they still call me Fleshlight as a nickname. My wife apologized a bunch of times, but that was a pretty fucking stupid thing to do, She said she was trying to be funny. It wasn’t. It still isn’t.

Glenn B
Nadison, WI


The After Work Jerk

I have more than a few regrets but my biggest was deciding to jerk off at work, in front of my computer after everyone left for the day. I always wanted to try it at work and I decided today would be the day. It was pretty fucking awesome.

3 days later I was called into the office and my boss informed me he had seen evidence of me abusing myself at my desk on the surveillance cameras. I had forgotten all about the fucking cameras. Fuck!

After he got done telling me about how his company was family type of business with a proud tradition of morality, I knew I was going to get fired. The lady from Human Resources walked in and gave me my final check. She looked at me with contempt in her eyes, as if I had done something completely against her moral and ethical code. I was escorted out of the building by security. People still talk about it. I had to move a few towns away and get another job, where no one knew about it.

Jackson T.
Montgomery, ALLIPS


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