I Was Taken Over the Washing Machine

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by Valerie Y.

Thanks for accepting my story. I decided to submit it, since I couldn’t tell any of my friends. I had to let someone know about it before I bust. I don’t know what led me to do something like this One of the most immoral things I’ve ever done, but YOLO. Right? Buckle your seat belts and get ready.

I Was Taken Over the Washing Machine

My 37 year old husband, Nick,  had made a man cave in our basement, where he and his friends could watch football, baseball, etc. without bothering me and making a mess of our living room. It worked out great for both of us. The only problem was it lacked a bathroom. He and his friends would come upstairs and use ours and completely destroy it. When I got sick of his beer-drinking friends pissing on our toilet seat, I suggested he sacrifice some of his precious man cave space and build a bathroom. He agreed.

He called a man, named Louis who remodels houses,. Louis lives down the street from us in a beautiful home and he agreed to install a small bathroom for a reasonable price. It would take about a week. He would begin on Monday.

I was immediately concerned about the noise, but Nick said not to worry about it. It would only be a minor inconvenience for a few days. Of course he said that. He didn’t have to be concerned. He would be at work for most of it and wouldn’t hear a thing.

The guys showed up at 6:30 Monday morning. I shook hands with Louis, whom I had never met personally, other than waving, when I would see him outside of his home or driving down the street. Louis was a good looking guy. Well-built, due to his profession and he had a shock of dark brown hair any woman wouldn’t mind running their fingers through. He was 32 and had been in business since he was 20.

He brought along an assistant. That was Colin Walker, a 19 year from Hollingsville, which is a few towns over. Colin was learning the trade and he would be helping Louis  build the bathroom.

Colin Walker was gorgeous. Not just regular gorgeous, but more gorgeous than I had ever seen in all my 28 years on this earth. Tall, broad shouldered, great build, long dark brown hair and a heart tattoo on his upper right arm. His green eyes were his standout feature and it was difficult for me to look at him very long without making it look like I was staring at him-which I most definitely was.

Seducing the Construction Guy

I flirted with them every chance I got.. I was wearing my skimpy silk robe that didn’t hide much at all. Every chance I got, I’d bend over at the washing machine, so I could flash my bare ass at them, or bend over to pick something up, allowing my tiny tits to show. They had to have known what I was doing. I mean, they weren’t stupid. But, but being the professionals they were, they kept at their job, building the framework of what would become Nick’s man cave bathroom. Let’s just say I found a lot of reasons that day to go to the basement,

When Louis went outside to get some more wood, Colin approached me. I was placing the laundry in the dryer and bits of my body were showing all over the place. He asked me if I was flexible on the size. I laughed, because I took it sexually, of course. What he meant was, the size of the bathroom. It would have to be a few square feet smaller than originally planned because of the hot water heater being in the way.

I told him that size was of the utmost importance to me and although I wouldn’t have done this under any circumstances. I grabbed onto his crotch as I said it. He was already hard. Such are the benefits of being 19 years old. He asked me if I liked what I was feeling and then told me that my presence in the basement was preventing them from paying full attention to the job at hand. I told him we’d have to fix that. I told him I could either go away, or sexually satisfy both of them. I couldn’t believe those words were leaving my mouth.

He told me in cases such as this, it was always better to satisfy the workers so they wouldn’t be distracted, thus concentrating on their tasks and getting my money’s worth. I laughed. Of course, he would say something like this.

I asked him where his partner was and he told me Louis was outside sawing some more 2 X 4’s for the frame. He said Louis had asked him to see where I stood on having sex and that they could both take me on at the same time, or separately.

I told him I was merely flirting. Truth be told, I had not only never cheated on Nick, but I had never had two guys take me on at the same time. I was both nervous, turned  on and yes, a bit guilty for entertaining the thought.

Colin told me he needed an answer, so he could text Louis outside. If it wasn’t going to happen, he would continue sawing wood.

Taken Over the Washing Machine

I made up some stupid joke about getting some wood into me instead and that’s when Colin grabbed onto my shoulders, swung me around and bent me over the washing machine and lifting my robe at the same time. It happened so fast, to be completely honest, I didn’t even expect it. My pussy, soaked with anticipation, only waited mere seconds before Colin’s dick had entered me fully. I have to give this guy credit. These 19 year olds  didn’t waste time. Before I knew it,, I was being fucked nice and hard over my washing machine and though feeling guilty, I couldn’t deny it felt so good. Colin’s dick definitely exceeded Nick’s both in size and thickness. I was so surprised this happened, I forgot to mention to Colin I wasn’t on birth control and to be sure and pull out. As Colin pumped in and out of my over-soaked pussy, I gathered this would not be an opportune time to tell him. I didn’t want to scare him off.

I heard Louis walking down the basement steps and when he saw what was waiting around the corner, he smiled and unbuckled his belt and pulled down his zipper.

I thought the logical place for Louis was right up front at my mouth. I have to be honest. He had a bigger dick than Colin and he wasn’t shy about pulling out his big hardness and putting on display.

Since I was fully bent over the washing machine and had my head on it’s side, I couldn’t easily blow Louis. They would have to put me in a different position. Unfortunately, but fortunately. that never happened. As Colin pumped into me like someone about to miss his plane if he didn’t finish soon,  I announced my orgasm loudly, moaning like a housewife who was being railed by a 19 year old long, thick dick. As I begged for Louis to feed his cock to me, he didn’t react. He simply stood there. While Colin fucked me senseless, Louis told me that fucking housewives was a normal everyday thing for them. They had fucked housewives from their 20’s all the way to their 60’s? He told me Mrs. Myers, just a few houses away from me was fucked over her kitchen table during one of her remodeling projects. I couldn’t believe it. Mrs. Myers was 62 years old and had been married for 35 years. Granted, for her age, she was still a very attractive woman, but hardly a candidate, (in my opinion), to be fucked by two virile young men, such as Louis and Colin.

Double Teamed

Colin didn’t say a word as he began to cum deep in my pussy.The only thing that gave it away were his louder moans right before he busted. He filled me with his seed, until I overflowed and dripped down onto the floor. As great an orgasm as we both had, I was glad he was finished. I had to move my legs. They were both falling asleep. I just laid there, heavily breathing, waiting for him to finish up and take his weight off me, so I could move. I was standing on my toes and that was proving to become quite uncomfortable. Unfortunately. I wouldn’t be moving just yet. For as quickly as Colin pulled out. Louis took his place for sloppy seconds, which I was completely unprepared for. Louis was fucking me so hard, with that giant cock in my pussy, the slapping sounds we were making,  echoed in the basement.. I had suddenly forgotten how uncomfortable, bent over the washer and begin to concentrate on orgasm #2.

Louis in Control

This fuck was going to be a little different. This one was for Louis only. I was just going along for the ride, once again being pressed down onto the cold surface of the washing machine, my robe pulled up. practically over my head. I wasn’t surprised I was so into this. I had needed to get laid like this for a long time. When I was single, I  fucked two men in the same night, once or twice, but never at the same time. Louis’ hand held my head down on it’s side, while his bigger cock plunged in and out of me. I was going to cum any second. I didn’t think I would, but I kind of liked Louis’ rough style of taking me.  When he heard me approaching my orgasm, apparent by my screams of “FUCK ME! FUCK ME!” over and over again, Louis let loose inside of my pussy, shooting squirt after squirt of thick cum, which mixed with Colin’s in some sort of weird DNA cocktail.I came hard. My entire body rocked and shook, while little shivers went from the top of my head right down to my toes.

They Used Me and I Loved It

Louis pulled out just as quickly as he had put it in, leaving me half sprawled over the washer. I heard him give Colin a high five and the two of them walked away without saying a word to me. They just left me there like a garbage bag on the highway. I suppose I couldn’t expect them to stay there and cuddle with me, could I? They had used me and I had used them. I quickly cleaned myself with a nearby towel and put my robe back on. I had to walk past the guys on my way upstairs. but they didn’t give me a single look. They had already gotten what they wanted-and so did I.

I stayed upstairs the rest of the day and didn’t even leave the living room, until they had packed up their truck for the day at 5 pm. Nick would be home soon. Of course, I would never told him what happened and I highly doubt Colin or Louis would say anything either. These guys apparently fuck a great deal of housewives and the one thing that would ruin it for them would be for people to find out they were doing it.

The guys would return at 6:30 tomorrow morning. I didn’t know how I would act in front of them, or how they would treat me. I would open the door, make a pleasantry or two and then they would return to the basement to work on the bathroom.

Would they expect me to put out again? Is that how it worked? Would they come upstairs and take me over the sofa? Would they fuck me one after the other over the kitchen table?

I hoped so. I’ll be ready anyway.

Just in case.


Valerie Y.






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  1. If you’re gonna fuck around on your husband, either tell him in advance that it would turn you on, and see how he reacts, or leave him. That’s a shitty thing to do. I’d still probably fuck you-but it’s still a shitty thing to do.

  2. Fuck you Washing Machine Repairman. I think it’s hot what she did. Let the lady choose her own life.

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