I Won the Lesbian Lottery

the lesbian lottery

“I Can’t Believe I Won the Lesbian Lottery!”

by Vicki Vex

Valerie looked at me from across her desk. She held a deck of cards. She’s an extremely attractive woman, albeit a bit older than myself. I’m 25 and I would guess she’s somewhere in the 45-50 year old range. She’s tall, and as far as rear ends go, hers is probably the nicest in the whole company. Both the male and female employees agree on that.

Ok, so you’re the lucky lottery winner. Out of 300 employees, you were the one to pick the winning ticket. Congratulations, Dawn.”

“Thank you, ma’am,” I said, shyly. “I’m honored.”

“As you should be” Valerie responded with a smile. This only happens once a year. We haven’t had a female winner in 3 years. Thank goodness it’s finally happened. I would have predicted another male employee taking the prize again this year.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I said. “This will be a new experience for me. How do I do this?”

Taking off my Wet Panties

“Aww, Isn’t that sweet? A first timer. Well, don’t worry about a thing. I’ll take care of everything. First, I need you to remove your panties. You can leave your skirt on if you wish,” Valerie said, her eyes growing wider as I slipped my hands underneath my skirt and raised my ass just enough to remove the white panties I had worn that day.

“Now, this isn’t required, but if you take off, or at least unbutton your blouse, you will be much more comfortable,” Valerie said, rising from her chair and walking to the front of her desk where I was seated.

I felt both nervous and excited at the same time. I was about to have my pussy licked by the boss. All full-time employees are  automatically entered into the lottery. If a guy wins, he gets a blowjob. It’s kind of fun for all the employees. When my number was drawn, I received a round of applause, (along with a good amount of cheers and wolf whistles), as I walked to the front to verify my ticket. The prize is paid immediately afterward.

There were no arms on this chair, so I was able to spread my legs quite a distance apart. I had never been with a woman before, but I couldn’t deny I was excited I was about to get head from Valerie. The previous winners all swear by her abilities and not one of them had a complaint.

Valerie stood there, smiling down on me, as I spread my legs apart. I’m glad I had gotten waxed just a couple of days earlier. That was not only for my husband’s benefit, but also just in case I won.

Valerie took off her suit jacket and unbuttoned her shirt. She never wore a bra and when her gorgeous 36 C’s popped out, I absentmindedly began to finger myself. For a woman of what you may call an advanced age, she had held up quite well.

“I usually take my top off, if that’s ok with you?” she asked, as she pushed my chair back away from her desk and got into position on the floor.

“Feel free,” I said. “It’s your office after all.”

The moment her warm hands touched my thighs it sent a ripple of excitement straight up to my head and I shivered slightly. I had plenty of men go down on me when I was dating and my husband is really great at it, but I’ve never had a woman before and to tell you the absolute truth, I couldn’t wait.

Being Licked by Valerie

I loved the smell of Valerie’s perfume and just as I was about to ask her what it was, her tongue flicked my clit and I almost fell off the chair.

“My, my,” Valerie said quietly. “You’re a fidgety one. I’m going to kiss, lick and suck on your sweet pussy. Not many people know It’s my preference. Sure, a cock once in awhile is nice, but a sweet pussy in my face has always turned me on, more.”

I held my breath as she attached her lips to my clit and began to suck, ever so gently. I tried to stifle the moans and she knew it, too.

“Relax, sweetheart,” she said, inserting her index finger inside of my soaked pussy. Let Valerie do all the work and be as loud as you’d like. Don’t worry about the others listening on the other side of my door. They’re just jealous they didn’t win this year.”

“Oh, fuck!” I moaned loudly. “That feels so fucking good. I don’t know why I’ve never had another woman before, but I’m glad it’s happening right now.”

Valerie continued to lick my swollen clit and finger my flooded pussy, while her left hand brushed lightly over my tits. She squeezed my right nipple hard and before I could scream out, that hand went up and covered my mouth. That just turned me on more. The feeling of helplessness I had with the boss eating me out and holding her hand over my mouth, was thrilling. It was unlike any experience I’ve had before and I had my first orgasm.

Maybe it was the fact that she was the boss and had control over my employment or it could have been her dominant personality. All I know is, when she removed her hand, it no longer muffled my screams and that’s when orgasm number two happened. I’m certain that not only the workers outside her office heard me, but the employes in the building next door, as well.

By the time Valerie had completed my prize, I had counted 3 orgasms. When it was over, I sat in the chair, huffing and puffing and feeling the wetness underneath my ass on the leather office chair. I was completely satisfied.

Valerie got up from the floor and buttoning her blouse, said, “I hope you enjoyed that. How was your first time.?”

“It was wonderful,” I said, still in complete ecstasy. “Fucking amazing, Valerie.”

The Bonus Lesbian Lottery Prize

“Good. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Ok, lets’ see then,” she said, picking up her phone from the desk and scrolling. “How about Friday after work. My house. I’ll make sure you have the address by the end of the day.”

“Ma’am? I asked, confused.

“For the weekly, of course,” she laughed.

“The weekly?” I asked, now more confused than ever.

“That’s right,” she laughed again. “There’s no way you could know.”

“Know what?” I asked, beginning to get concerned.

“The girls in the office, myself and a few very close friends of mine, meet for a kind of Girls Night In kind of evening once a month. It’s a lot of fun.”

“Girls Night In? I asked. “What’s that?

“We all meet at my house, which has a quite large and very comfortable living room and we have a few drinks, smoke a little high grade and very expensive marijuana and then we usually pair off with one another and Sixty Nine the night away. I’ll pair you up with me the first time. Otherwise we usually pick our partners from a hat. I will need you to sign off on a confidentiality agreement I have with everyone. Marijuana is still illegal here and I also don’t want the public knowing I’ve been throwing these Lesbian Sex Orgies for several years now.”

“Um, of course,” I said. “I’ll sign anything you’d like.

As excited as I was to be invited to an exclusive orgy, I was still a little pissed that Diane, who has worked at the desk across from me for the past 7 years, has never mentioned it before. She won the lottery my first year here. She surely knew about the parties.

“So, congratulations on winning and I’ll see you on Friday?” she asked, showing me to the door. And before you know it, me and my wet panties were back at my desk going over sales figures for the past quarter.

I looked over at Diane and whispered, “You could have told me about the parties Valerie has.”

“I know,” she said, but I didn’t want to get kicked out. You’re going to love them. Are you excited?”

“I am, but I’ve never licked a pussy before,” I said kind of depressed. “I hope I don’t make a fool out of myself,” I said.

“Don’t be ridiculous. We were all like that at first,” Diane said. “You’ll catch on. I know you will. In fact, what are you doing after work?”

“Oh, nothing,” I replied. “Steve is working late again and I’ll probably end up watching something on Netflix.”

“Why don’t you come over my house after work. I’ll be alone, too. We can get a bite to eat and you can, um, experiment and practice for Friday at the same time?”

“Really?” I asked, excitedly. “I would love that.”

“Oh, you will,” Diane replied. “I’ve been aching to have your mouth on my pussy for a few years now. See you at 5?”

“I’ll meet you in the lobby,” I said, my pussy once again becoming  excited at the different type of sex I had today.

I love working for this company.


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  1. The older woman/younger woman has always been my kink. I’ve never had the guts to try it. Been asked a couple of times, but I’m just chicken. LOL. 😀

  2. It’s nice to finally read a story on this site without a ‘hard dick’ showing up somewhere. I haven’t got anything against penises, but as a straight female, I read lesbian erotica to fantasize about what I don’t have in real life. Nice job.

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