I’m a 50 Year Old Woman Who Satisfies Her Younger Female Boss Every Day After Work

lesbian story

“Something inside me made me want to do this and it’s become a daily ritual.”

My Meetings with Mia

by Vicki Vex for EroticStory.club

Everyday at 5pm, the other people leave the office and I pretend to get my things together. When I’m sure everyone is gone, I knock on Mia’s door and walk in. She’s waiting for me as usual, sitting in her chair, naked, with her legs spread wide waiting for me. My pillow is on the floor waiting for me.  I kneel down, pull my hair either up or to the side and then I tongue Mia’s pussy for as long as she wants. It’s become tradition. We’re on our sixth month together. No, we’re not dating, no we are not domestic partners, nor are we in love. She’s my boss and I’m just an employee who loves to eat pussy.  A friend of mine who I told about it thinks I’m a loon. Why?

It’s because I’m not a lesbian. I know that sounds crazy. but even though I participate in a lesbian activity on a daily basis, (with the weekends off), I don’t consider myself to be a lesbian. I love cock. When I say I love cock, I mean I crave it all the time, but I love to eat pussy, too. I enjoy it, it turns me on and it makes me feel good to satisfy a woman. My husband Keith knows I used to eat a lot of pussy when I was younger, but he doesn’t know I do it now. He’d either get excited and want to watch, or get pissed that I was doing it, again and leave me. He’s better off not knowing.

How Did I Begin Licking My Boss’ Pussy?

So how does a 50 year old employee get to the point where she eats her much younger boss’ pussy everyday? It happened the first time when I was in Mia’s office having look at some paperwork that needed her signature and she was telling me about some problems she was having with her boyfriend. I just nodded my head in agreement with her during the one sided conversation which ended when she said, “If he didn’t lick my pussy everyday, I would so dump him.”

“I tell you what,” I said kidding around, “Why don’t you dump him and I’ll lick your pussy? I mean, I’m here everyday anyway. I may as well get some overtime.”

She giggled and answered, “Well you’d better start licking me, I haven’t had such a great day.”

I don’t  know what made me do I, but I looked her straight in the eye and said, “I’m serious. I’ll lick your pussy right here, right now. Lift your skirt and try me out. You have nothing to lose.”

As soon as I said it, I regretted it. I could have ruined my career saying something like that to the boss. With sexual harassment issues running rampant in the business world, I took a serious risk just blurting that out. It was one of those things you say and realize it’s too late to take back. But, I said it and there was nothing I could do about it, except hope that she laughed and brushed it off.

Mia Gets Naked

Mia looked at me for a moment and smiled. Then she stood up, walked around to the front of her desk and sat down on it, first kicking off one boot and then the other. Then she stood up and took off the pants of her sexy, striped business suit and let them drop to the floor. I was completely stunned.

Mia was beautiful.  A Chinese-American woman , with long black hair and the sexiest eyes I’ve ever seen on a woman. At 30 years old she had become the only woman to become a vice-president of the entire company and was probably making upwards of $300,000. Her long legs glistened in the pale light of her desk lamp as she turned around showing me her ass for a quick second, as her white, thong panties slid down her legs and then were twirled off with her right foot. She looked at me and said, She walked back to her chair, the sexy, Italian imported ankle boots, just high enough to accent her legs and ass. She sat down and placed her right leg over the arm of her chair,looked at me and said, “I’ve never experienced another woman before. I’ve always fantasized about it, but have never had the opportunity. I take it you’ve done this before?”

I giggled and replied. “More than a few times. In my younger days,” I said. “It’s something I’ve always been pretty good at.”

“Well, I’m definitely interested in trying this if you are,” Mia said, biting her lip, as if they were about to have mad passionate sex in a hotel room, instead of inside an office where there were 200 employees right outside Mia’s door.

“Yes, ma’am,” I said, almost salivating at the site of Mia’s beautiful, hairless pussy. My knees trembled slightly as I walked over to Mia’s desk. I grabbed a pillow off of a leather love seat Mia had in the office and threw it down on the floor in front of me. I got down on my knees, still not believing what I was about to do and leaned in, placing my right arm around the back of her waist and my left hand underneath her left ass cheek, picking it up slightly, feeling the tight ass I had admired from time to time, while watching Mia walk around. She moaned lightly as I squeezed her ass cheek with my hand and leaned in an inch or so away from her already wet pussy. Her scent was as I imagined it. Luscious. Mia moaned again, as she felt my warm breath between her legs. I noticed the slightest tremor. She was a bit nervous. That was ok. It was my goal to satisfy her and I intended to not stop until it was achieved.

Licking Mia

I started off gently kissing her pussy, with just my lips up and down and in between. Her hand went to my hair and began stroking my long curly hair with her right hand. I felt comforted as I continued to give her tiny little lip kisses up and down her sweet smelling pussy. And now for a taste. I stuck out my tongue and let it slide down her delicious pussy, flat against her. Through her moans, I was able to tell how much she enjoyed it and through her tightening grip on my hair, I could tell she wanted more. Who was I to deny my boss’ pleasure? I looked up at her half closed eyes and decided she was beautiful. As I mentioned, I’m not a lesbian, but I’ve always appreciated the female form.

To make a long story short, she surprised me when she came soon after I began, pulling tightly on my long hair, as she did so. A little too tightly, if you ask me, but things like that happen in the throes of passion. And she was the boss!

I placed the side of my face on her thigh and relaxed for a few moments, my head rising up and down, with the tempo of her breathing, her long fingernails, gently stroking the hair she was tugging on violently, just seconds ago. It felt comforting. I was afraid it might get awkward, so I guess asking her if she enjoyed it would be inappropriate. I almost laughed at my little joke, but was able to show great restraint.

When it appeared she was in no hurry to change position, I finally lifted my head and looked up at her. She was smiling, as she looked down at me. “That was amazing,” she said, giggling. “If I knew I had that type of talent working for me, I would have promoted you a long time ago.” I smiled and didn’t say anything back. I wondered, however, what our relationship was going to be from now on. I mean, not only was Mia the boss, but she was nearly half my age. I hoped it wouldn’t get weird.

After I stood up and began adjusting myself, Mia did the same. I was certain I looked a mess, with most of my makeup washed off by her love juices, but her smile never dimmed.

“Are you available tomorrow at 5pm?” she asked, back to her professional voice.

“Um, yes, I am. I mean, I suppose I am if you need me,” I answered nervously.

“Good,” she replied. “Be here on your knees in front of my chair tomorrow. I have an appointment at 2pm, but I should be back no later than 5. Of course, your pay will reflect your extra hours.”

“Oh,” I smiled. “Of course,” I said.

“Don’t be late,” she said. “I have a very important assignment for you.”

“And that would be?” I asked, knowing full well just what that assignment would be.

“Let’s just say we’ll be working on an oral dissertation together,” she laughed.

“Oh,” I said. “I have experience in that department,” I joked.

“So,I’ve heard,” she giggled. “I hope you can teach me those skills someday too.”

“Really?” I asked, hornier than ever.

“Really,” she replied. “See you tomorrow.”

“I’ll be here,” I said. “I wouldn’t miss it.


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