My Lewd Encounter With a Stranger

My Lewd Encounter With a Stranger

by Karen Cooper

I fucked up bad last night. I had a lewd encounter with a guy I met at a coffee house. I don’t know what they’re called where you live, but a coffee house in my town is a small venue where musicians and poets perform, (usually for free), in front of an audience. It was a Friday night. I didn’t have a date because my fucking asshole boyfriend, Steven,  stood me up to go out drinking with his friends.  I decided to go to this place and chill for a couple of hours. I was so pissed off, I thought it might relax me to hear some good tunes. It was only down the street from my apartment and though I had never been there before, I heard they had  coffee, pastries and good music. I only had on a t-shirt, a short skirt and a pair of sneakers. My hair was fucked, so I threw a baseball cap on before leaving the house.

The Coffee and Music Experience

I entered the front door of The Coffee and Music Experience, and quietly walked to the counter and ordered. I was never much into those designer coffees, so I ordered a regular black coffee and found a seat alone at a table in the back.

There was a man sitting alone at the next table. He looked over and smiled, and I returned it. Very handsome guy. The type of guy you;d take a second and maybe third look from a women. Way too old for me. I mean, I’m only 19 and he must have been mid fifties or so. The oldest guy I ever had sex with was 30 and I thought that was really weird. Still, it was difficult taking my eyes off of him

I watched three guitarists in a row whose time would have been much better spent taking music lessons than playing for an audience. Still, it was a change from the usual night where Tim picks me up, we grab a couple of burgers and then we bang in his back seat. To be honest, I would much rather be here, alone, than with Tim. He has no respect for me. I was perfectly happy here, alone, sitting close to this handsome older gentleman. I wanted to go over and say hello and introduce myself, but that’s not the kind of thing a young, single woman does with an older stranger. Turns out it happened anyway.

The Strangers Meet

After an hour or so of mixed musical acts, 4 people walked in the coffee house and were looking for a seat together. There weren’t any options. When they walked over to my table and asked me if I wouldn’t mind moving, I of course, nodded my head head said, “Please sit down. I have to be leaving anyway.’ I grabbed my bag and got up, taking a final sip of my coffee and ready to leave, when the handsome older stranger said, “You can feel free to sit here, young lady. I’m alone. C’mon, sit down. He smiled broadly.”

I was about to shake my head no, and thank him for being so gracious, and then leave and go home and watch Netflix or something and brood over my dickhead boyfriend, but the man’s smile was so genuine and he was so good looking, I nodded, smiled and sat down.

We shook hands. His name was Carl. He was a regional bank manager and was in town for just a couple of days. Instead of confining himself to his hotel room, he took a walk and ended up here. “It looked interesting,” he said.

We chatted between acts and enjoyed is the music when it started. We laughed, we smiled, we joked and then it hit me.I wanted to fuck this guy, and I think he wanted to fuck me. This guy was all alone in town a

I didn’t want to bring him to my place and there was no way I was going to go to a hotel with a stranger, He probably wouldn’t be a psycho serial killer, but why would I take chances?

At the moment, I have to pee badly, so I excused myself and went off to use the restroom. Upon entering, I was surprised at how clean it was for a unisex bathroom. One toilet for everyone. What got my attention was a door directly in front of the toilet. I opened it and it was a small janitorial closet. If someone took out a couple of mops and a bucket, there would be just enough room to fuck someone, semi-comfortably and people could still use the bathroom. I laughed, as I envisioned myself and my new friend engaged in a carnal episode in that tiny closet, while people entered the bathroom and used the toilet.

I can’t tell you why I was so enthralled in this much older man. It was probably a combination of things. Pissed at my boyfriend, horny as fuck and just having met a handsome stranger. I wanted something to happen with this guy I supposed I would have to make my move first.

If I had known Carl was thinking the same thing, I would have been twice as wet down below.

My Lewd Encounter

When I got back to the table, I noticed my chair was directly next to mine, instead of across from it. Not knowing what he was thinking, I sat down, curious of what his imagination might be brewing.

The next singer was amazing. I was really into watching perform. When I was fully involved in this incredible musical act, Carl made his move.

His fingers worked their way from my knee up, sending tingles directly to my pussy. I quickly looked around the room. If you were looking for it, you would have seen it under the table, but if you were simply sitting enjoying the music, the only thing you would see if you looked my way, was a look of pure pleasure on my face.

Carl’s fingers continued their journey north and when they were finally under my skirt, it was the first time I moaned softly. Thanks goodness the music was loud and covered up my vocal approval of his method. I spread my legs wider allowing him greater access.

When his fingers reached my pussy, he concentrated his efforts, very gently on my clit. I was breathing heavier and already close to orgasm, given the situation I now found myself in. With my right hand, I found his cock quite easily under the table and pulled down his zipper. I didn’t care who was watching.

With his admirably sized cock now in my grip, I began to jack him up and down, as slowly as possible. There was no doubt what was now happening under the table. Carl continued to watch the performance, acting as if we were just two people sitting closely together.

His middle finger found his way inside of me and set me on fire. My wetness was out of control and I felt my pussy closing tightly around his finger as he worked his way inside. I wanted to fuck this man. I just didn’t know how to ask him. So I didn’t. I just continued jerking him off while he fingered me. Clearly if someone were looking at my face right now, they would know what was going on. that just made it hotter.

Carl continued to slide his middle finger inside of me and I increased my handjob speed, knowing full well I was about to cum, which I finally did with a slight yelp. Yes, I was embarrassed, but I didn’t care, I had a job to finish. I concentrated fully on the task at hand and was soon rewarded with a handful of hot, sticky man juice, I had to catch with both hands. I thought the spurts would never stop. Through all this, Carl kept his composure to the others in the audience. I don’t know how he did it.

I reached carefully into my handbag, so as not to cover it in cum and quickly grabbed a small pile of napkins I had stolen at McDonald’s hours before. I cleaned my hands the best I could and handed the remaining to Carl. I could see Carl’s pants stained with himself and laughed for a second as I pictured him getting up and having the audience pointing and laughing at him.

To tell you the truth? I was terribly embarrassed at what I had just done with a complete, older stranger,  in public. Had we gotten caught we could have been arrested. It was stupid. I don’t know why I did it. But I did and I can’t tale it back.

Without saying a word or looking at him, I picked up my bag from the floor, stood up and quickly exited the building, I stopped into the restaurant down the street to clean up and walk home. I did the walk of shame back home feeling completely disgusted with myself.

The Next Day

I woke up the next day, still full of hate for Steve. I also laughed at what a whore I was last evening. I felt much hetter about it in the light of day. Carl didn’t know me, or where I lived. He was simply a lewd encounter in a public place that I would most-likely masturbate to the memory of every so often. Like right now.

As I touched myself in bed, I thought about Carl and our vile display in public last evening. I also thought of the tiny janitorial closet inside the bathroom at the coffee shop. As I softly stroked my wet pussy, I wondered if I went back there tonight, would I bump into Carl again? And if I did, could I ask him to go into the bathroom with me.

Deep down, I knew it would probably be a bad decision.

Would I go through with it?

You’d better believe it.



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