Seduced by my Best Friend’s Sister

Seduced by my Best Friend’s Sister in a Surprise Lebian Encounter

It was completely dark in the room. I woke up when I felt something. It was a hand. That hand was between my thighs, I’m sure it was an accident. Molly was sound asleep after all. I didn’t make an attempt to remove her hand. It wasn’t really an issue and I didn’t want to wake her up. I decided to just try and get back to sleep. A few moments later, I was drifting off to sleep,again.

The second time I woke up, I definitely felt something. A finger? I waited a minute. It was definitely a finger, and it was moving in a slow, circular motion on my clit. Shit. I was wet. How long had this been going on? I suddenly noticed how turned on I was. What the fuck was Molly doing? She must know I’d wake up for something like this. I totally did not expect to do anything like this, but I didn’t stop her, either. Here in the silence and the dark of night, it felt nice. Comforting, I let her continue.

What Started This Lesbian Encounter?

I was in Alabama visiting some relatives and while I was there, I decided to call Molly Brewer. Molly was 25 at the time and the sister of my best friend, Holly. I had only met her a couple of times, but I thought it would be fun to meet up, have a few drinks, take some selfies and send them to Holly.

Mollie and I met up at a club near Orange Beach. I had just turned 21, so the club scene was still pretty new to me. The drinks were flowing and the music was popping. We had fun turning down propositions from guys and we danced all night. It was so much fucking fun. When we got in it was way past two.

“I have a Queen bed, if you want to sleep comfortably, o the floor, if the room starts spinning” she laughed. “Don’t mind me. I sleep in the nude,” she said, pulling her tiny club dress off over her head. “Too fucking hot in Alabama.”

Molly was fucking beautiful. Tall, blue-eyed, genuine blond. She looked so different from her sister, who was shorter a little chunkier, but just as pretty. Molly had perfect breasts, if I do say so, myself. 36 C’s. Absolutely impeccable. If I was into woman, I definitely could have fallen for her. She was currently single and told me she planned to stay that way. NO current boyfriend.

I didn’t see anything wrong with me sleeping naked, either, as I didn’t have any other clothes with me. I suppose I could have bothered Molly for a pair of sweat pants. but it was hot as hell. The ceiling fan was on low and would probably cool me off just enough so I could stay asleep-or so I hoped. I threw my dress on the floor. I think I was asleep as soon as my head touched my pillow. Now I was being fingered by my best friend’s sister and I was enjoying the hell out of it.

She continued to finger me gently and I was so wet, she slipped a finger inside of me. I think I moaned softly. I must have. There was no way I couldn’t. She had to have known I was awake now.Still, I didn’t say anything. I didn’t want to spoil the moment. I just wanted to relax and enjoy it.

Seduced by My Best Friend’s Sister

She concentrated on my clit, while I caressed my tits. I had never been in a situation like this before, so I wasn’t sure what I should be doing. Turns out I really didn’t have to do much.

I was close to orgasm when she got on her knees under the sheet, spread my legs and put her mouth on my pussy. My hands reached down and grabbed onto her hair. I moaned loudly. Molly licked and sucked and sucked and licked. There was no doubt she had done this before. It made me wonder of Holly knew her sister was bisexual. I soon lost track of that thought, because my pussy was being eaten in the most enjoyably, delicate way. My whole body tingled, I had of course had my pussy licked by guys before, but this was sex on an entirely different level. Fuck, at that moment I never thought I would be able to go back to boys licking me.

I grabbed her head tightly and pressed it right into my wet pussy. I could hear the loud sounds she was making with her mouth as she sucked hard on my clit. That was a serious and completely unexpected turn on. A finger inside me while she sucked on me? Sure, I’ll take that. Give it to me.

So far, not a word had been spoken by either of us. I think that was better. It would have been awkward if we chatted. I think she liked it better this way, too.

I was so hot at this moment, I didn’t know whether to just cum right then and there, or try to hold off got awhile. Then I asked myself, “Why hold off?”  There was no reason to. I was soon cumming, holding her head close to my pussy and sliding her face all over between my legs. It made me wonder what she was thinking right now. “Hey, I just seduced my little sister’s best friend and she came in my face,”

As I finished, all she did was simply kiss me down there. Lips only and very lightly. It felt so good. She continued to kiss me there for several minutes, before sliding up next to me. We were both perspiring heavily. The ceiling fan was no longer doing it’s job, Her head was right next to me on the pillow. Although I couldn’t see her, I sensed she was looking right at me. It was pitch black in the room but still, I looked up at the ceiling. She kissed my neck, snuggled up against me and we fell asleep.

The next morning nothing was said. We had coffee and a great breakfast together and went to the mall and shopped all day. On top of that, she offered to take me to the airport that night, so I wouldn’t be alone. I couldn’t have been more grateful. She even helped me check in. If she were a restaurant, I would have given her a 5 star Yelp review.

Right before I left to board the plane, she grabbed onto my gave with both of her hands and gave me a big, passionate kiss-tongue and all. I knew people must have been staring, It was fucking Alabama, after all.  I returned her kiss. Fuck what people thought. I had a good time and I wanted to show my appreciation.

Back Home (and horny) in Florida

I dozed off on the plane on the way back to Miami, but the weather prevented us from landing right away. I didn’t get into the terminal until almost 1:45am. Guess who was waiting for at baggage claim. My best friend in the world, Holly, who greeted me with a hug and a kiss.

“Hey, Girl!” I yelled out with a big smile in the nearly empty airport. “What brought you all the way out here. Don’t you have to work in the morning?”

“Nope. Told them today I needed it off. I wanted to make sure you got home safe, anyway,” she said, helping me with my bags. You would have rented a car and gone home alone and I didn’t want you walking into your complex so late at night.”

“That’s why I love you,” I said.

We got into the car and jumped on 95 south on the way to my house, when Holly got off at the wrong exit.

“Hey, girl, are you asleep? This is your exit, not mine,” I said.

“I know. I figured we’d stay at my house. It’s much closer and I bought a bottle of champagne to celebrate your return.”

I laughed. “Champagne? It’s after 2 am. Are you crazy?”

“Maybe,” she laughed.”But, you don’t have to wake up in the morning and now, I don’t have to go to work, so why not? It’s also my way of thanking you for hanging out with Molly this week. She said she had a wonderful time.”

“It was so much fun,” I said. ‘We went to a club and made fun of guys and danced all night. She’s a riot!”

“She really is,” Holly said. “Molly called after she dropped you off. She had a blast!””

I felt a momentary uneasiness, as she said that. Had Molly said anything about our little adventure under the sheets?

“She said you were so much fun to hang out with.”

I felt better. What Molly and I did wasn’t something you’d tell your younger sister about. I mean, Holly was my age and I know she’s aware that things like this happened, but if she ever found out what happened, I know she’d never forgive me. That’s not something you do with your best friend’s sister, after all.

By the time we got back to Holly’s place it was 3:30 in the morning. I placed my bags on the floor and collapsed on the sofa. It had been one hell of a night and I was exhausted. I was far from enthusiastic when Holly walked back into the living room with the champagne and two glasses. I knew she went out of her way to do this, so I smiled, took a glass and we popped the cork.

“To friendship,” Holly said, clinking her glass against mine.

It took Holly and I an hour to kill that bottle. I was exhausted and wanted nothing more than to go to sleep and stay that way for the next week.

At the final sip, I looked at Holly and said, “I love you. Thanks for going out of your way tonight for me. You’re the greatest. I’m just gonna crash here on the couch. I’m fucking exhausted.”

Lesbian Deja Vu

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Holly said. “That old couch is as lumpy as my grandmother’s mashed potatoes. You’re sleeping in my bed, tonight. I won’t take no for an answer.”

I shot her a tired smile, and she lifted me off of the couch by my arm. We walked, (actually stumbled), to the bedroom and I just wanted to fall onto the bed and pass out. Molly stood on the left side and took off her clothes.

“You know I sleep in the nude, right? It’s so fucking hot,” she said “I mean, we’re best friends. I hope it doesn’t bother you.”

“Where had I heard that before?” I asked myself, thinking of Molly going down on me 24 hours earlier and my having one of the top orgasms of my life.

I took off my clothes, too. Like they say, If you can’t beat them, join them. When I was naked I crawled under the one sheet. The ceiling fan was on high. This looked all too familiar, but I was too tired to make any sense out of it. We both fell asleep quickly.

The Lesbian Conclusion

It was completely dark in the room. I woke up when I felt something. It was a hand. That hand was between my thighs, I’m sure it was an accident. Holly was sound asleep after all. I didn’t make an attempt to remove her hand. It wasn’t really an issue and I didn’t want to wake her up. I decided to just try and get back to sleep.

But, I knew deep down that would never happen. I had to stay awake to see what would happen next.





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  1. I wanted to have an affair with my best friend’s cousin, (I’m bi and she wasn’t) but she was into trying it out. We kept it hush hush and went to a motel. She wasn’t into it as much as she thought she would, so we stopped and went to a movie. #lesbianfail

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