Tanya’s Drunken Truth or Dare Party


A Drunken Game of Truth or Dare Goes Completely Out of Control.

by Vicki Vex

This drunken  game of Truth or Dare  was now officially out of control. At least, that’s what Tanya thought as she sat in a circle of 20 guests at her dinner party. Things were heating up quickly. If she were sober, she never would have flashed her tits for a stupid dare in front of the other party goers. She hoped there would be few regrets when daylight arrived.

Tanya’s boyfriend, Dennis, made the best Margaritas in the country, not only according to him, but everyone  at the party this evening,  celebrating the final days of summer.

It was Tanya’s turn once again.

“Ok, Tanya,” Cheryl began, “Truth or Dare? Have you ever taken it in the ass from a black guy before?”

“Oh my,” Tanya said, suddenly becoming nervous. She knew she had done butt stuff with Dale and he was sitting 3 seats away. Dennis didn’t know it, however. Her eyes shot across the circle at Dale who was wearing an evil grin.

“Um, I’ll take the dare,” she said, to the crowd of astonished onlookers, especially Dennis who glared at her. She knew he would want some answers after the party.

The Pussy Dare

“Ok,” said, Cheryl. I dare you to kiss my pussy.” The crowd of T or D players erupted into a mix of laughter, whoops and wolf whistles.

It wasn’t a big deal. Cheryl was the hottest girl at the party and Tanya had eaten pussy before. It wasn’t a regular thing  but she did like to do it. That’s also something Dennis didn’t know about. It had happened a couple of years before they met.

Tanya stood up, and though embarrassed, walked the 6 feet or so over to where her dare sat. Cheryl was wearing a skimpy bikini and all the guests, (girls included), were eyeing her all day. Cheryl didn’t waste anytime pulling down her tiny bikini bottoms and kicking them off, then spreading her legs wide to make plenty of room for Tanya.

Tanya got down on her knees in front of Cheryl’s completely waxed pussy and just stared at it for a second. It was truly a site to behold. There are good looking vaginas and bad looking vaginas, (just like there are with dicks), and this is one of the nicest ones she had ever seen.

“What are you waiting for??” Danny Upton, yelled out from the crowd. “Kiss that pussy. Let’s see some action!” The rest of the crowd broke out into cheers and applause.

Cheryl, laughed, as she put her right hand onto the top of Tanya’s head and guided her slowly toward her glistening pussy. Although she hesitated, Tanya actually couldn’t wait to kiss the prized pussy in front of her. She knew if they were alone, she would have done a lot more than just kiss it.

Tanya leaned in, gazing at the treat in front of her and quickly kissed Cheryl’s pussy. Boos rang out from the crowd.

“Give it a real kiss!” someone shouted.

“Lick that pussy!” yelled another.

Tanya Goes for It

Intimidated by the crowd, Tanya, looked at Dennis and said, “Can I have my drink?” Dennis, laughing, handed her the half finished Margarita, which she downed in one giant gulp. The crowd went wild, as Tanya, put a hand on each of Cheryl’s knees and pulled her legs apart, diving in head first, parting Cheryl’s pussy lips with her tongue, enjoying the sweet taste of Cheryl’s pussy. As the crowd cheered, Tanya continued to lick Cheryl’s wet love hole,  concentrating on her clit, which she sucked like a pro. Dennis couldn’t believe his eyes.

The event was over in just under 60 seconds, but if you were at that party, you’d swear that it went longer. The highlight was Cheryl’s porn star moaning, while Tanya dutifully ate her out in front of the cheering crowd.

“I wish you could do that, Bob,” Cheryl joked to her boyfriend Pete, who was sitting next to her. “You’re welcome to eat me anytime, baby,” Cheryl laughed, as she helped Tanya to her feet. Then to impress the audience, Cheryl wrapped her arms around Tanya and they French kissed to the amusement of the crowd.

“Damn! This is a great party!” Carl Panano, one of Dennis’ friends said. “Thanks for inviting us, Dennis.”

“Dennis smiled and looked over at his friend and said, “Anytime my friend. Anytime!”

After what was hereafter known as the pussy licking dare, the game took a sudden turn. No one was telling truths any longer. It was all dares.

Bill Turner was next to be asked a question.

“Truth or Dare, Bill,” Tanya said, Cheryl’s juices still coating her face. “When is the last time you jerked off?” The crowd laughed uncontrollably.

“I’ll take the dare on this one,” Bill replied, turning red at the question. “I’m not answering that one!”

“Ok,” Tanya said. “Bill, I dare you to stick your cock in Jeannie’s mouth.” The cheers from the crowd were so loud, Dennis feared it was only a matter of time before one of the neighbors called the police.

“You want me to what?” Bill asked.

Bill and Jeanie were divorced but still friends with Tanya and Dennis. They both came to the party without dates.

“You heard me,” Tanya said. “You have to do it. Everyone agreed to the rules.”

“He’s my ex-husband!” Jeanie cried out. “I divorced him so I wouldn’t have to suck his little dick anymore.” The crowd roared with laughter.

“Those are the rules,” Tanya laughed, pouring another drink from the giant pitcher on the picnic table.

“Ok, ok, he can do it,” Jeanie laughed. “Get over here, you little-dicked bastard.”

Bill got up and approached his ex wife, who was sitting a few feet away and pulled his cock out of his shorts. Contrary to what Jeanie had said, Bill had a pretty admirable cock. Not as big as Dennis’, but nothing to be ashamed of.

Jeanie opened her mouth and accepted BIll’s dick, first sucking on the head and then grabbing onto his ass and pushing him deeper inside of her throat.  Tanya laughed. She knew Jeanie was drunk. She never would have done that sober. In fact, she was hesitant to come to the party when she found out Bill was invited

Jeanie continued to suck Bill’s dick, finally taking the entire length down her throat. Bill moaned loudly and smiled, recalling the blowjobs he used to get from Jeanie almost nightly while they were married.

Then Jeanie grabbed onto Bill’s dick and took it out of her mouth with a popping sound. “That’s all you’re getting from me, asshole,” she said, as the party-goers laughed.

“Now I’m gonna have blue balls!” Bill complained, walking back to his chair, trying to put his erect dick back inside his bathing trunks.

The night wore on with several more dares, each more exciting and pornographic than the one before it. It was finally Dennis’ turn to ask a question.

“My question is for my girlfriend, Tanya,” he said, which got the party guests chanting a collective, “Oooooh!”

“Tanya, what was the last sexual act you performed with someone, before we started dating?”

Tanya’s smile disappeared.  The last sex act she had before Dennis came into the picture, was an ass fucking from Dale.. She and Dale had been on and off fuck buddies before Dennis came along. There wasn’t anything the two hadn’t done in bed.

“I don’t have to say who it was, do I?” Tanya asked.

“Nope, just what it was,” Dennis said smiling. “Just for my own curiosity.”

“I just can’t say in front of all these people,” Tanya, said, her face turning 50 shades of embarrassment. Again, whoops and cheers from the crowd. “I’ll take the dare.”

Tanya’s Next Dare

“Are you sure?” Dennis asked

“I am,” answered a red-faced Tanya.

“I dare you to take a cucumber in your ass.” he said, almost falling off the chair laughing.

“Are you fucking serious? A cucumber? C’mon. You can do better than that. Seriously? A fucking cucumber?” The crowd cheered and laughed.

“That’s the deal. If you don’t do it, you’ll be eliminated from the game.”

That’s the last thing Tanya wanted to happen. She was not only very competitive, but she wanted to stay in the game so she could dare Cheryl, or one of the other sexy women at the party to lick her pussy.

“Ok, I’ll do it,” she said, sheepishly.”

“I’ll be right back,” Dennis laughed, running into the house to the fridge to find a good sized cucumber.

“Not too big!” Tanya yelled after him, as the crowd giggled in anticipation of the hottest dare of the evening, so far.

Dennis was back outside in under 3 minutes. When the crowd saw the cucumber, they wouldn’t believe the size of it.

“Don’t worry about the size. I brought lube,” he laughed, holding up the bottle of lubricant he had gotten in the bedroom.

“She’ll never be able to take that,” Jeanie said to her ex husband. “Her ass is way too small.”

“This has gone too far,” someone else said. “That thing will split her in half.”

The only two people at the party who knew the dare would be a success, was Tanya and Dale. Tanya stood up and bent over the chair she sitting on, ready to take on the big dare. Cheryl had thoughtfully folded a beach towel for Tanya to kneel on. Once she was in place, you could have heard a pin drop. Then Tanya blurted out, “I don’t know if I can do this with all of you watching.” Of course, those words elicited boos from the drunken guests.

“Here, I’ll fix that,” Cheryl said, reaching into her bag and pulling out a short, silk scarf. “I’ll blindfold you. You won’t see a thing through this. I should know.” she laughed. The last thing Tanya saw before her vision was blocked was Dennis applying lube to the dark green cucumber.

“How long does that thing have to stay up my ass?” Tanya asked.

“90 seconds, once it’s in,” Dennis answered. “Here have a drink,” he said holding her red plastic cup up to her lips. “It will make it easier. Get ready because here it comes. The audience broke out into cheers at the sight of Tanya, bent over a chair with her miniskirt hiked up over her waist. Although she was nervous, Tanya was now completely down with getting corn-holed by this giant cuke.  She loved anal sex, unfortunately Dennis wasn’t really into it. Of course, she would rather have the real thing, but you can’t be choosy in a game of Truth or Dare.

The guests began chanting, “3, 2, 1, GO!” and that’s when Tanya felt the green intruder at her back door. She tried to loosen up as much as she could, before this thing invaded her asshole.

In the Butt

The tip actually felt good resting against the outside of her butt-hole. She wanted to reach under and finger herself, but was embarrassed in front of the crowd. Maybe when it was in a bit more, she wouldn’t care what anyone thought of her playing with herself.

Tanya knew she had been drinking, but noticed something a little off about what was happening back there. It was difficult to concentrate with the whoops and hollers from the crowd, but something felt like it was not supposed to. It wasn’t a bad feeling. Just different.

That’s when Tanya realized the thing entering her was not a cucumber at all, but a hot cock. It was a big cock, too. Much larger than the cucumber she was supposed to be receiving.

“What’s going on back there?” she said, moaning at the same time the unidentified dick was entering her tight ass.

“Nothing honey,” Dennis said. “Just relax and take it all in. I’m going as slowly as I can.

Tanya knew she had been set up. She had two options. The first would be to rip off the blindfold and ruin the moment. And the second? Just stay the way she was and enjoy it. This was a gigantic cock entering her butt. She decided to make the most out of it. That’s when she reached underneath and began to finger her clit, during the anal invasion she was experiencing.

She moaned like a whore while the never-ending cock worked it’s way up and inside of her. It felt so good. Tanya wondered why Dennis wasn’t at all into anal sex when she loved it so. After several minutes the giant erection was fully inside of her, it began a slow back and forth movement inside of her. The owner of the meat stick would back out until he got to the head of his dick, than her would go back up inside her. The slowness and patience of it all was making her crazy.

She fantasized about the last time she had been with Dale. It was just over a year ago, before she began dating Dennis. The last evening they were together, Dale gave her an amazing anal experience. It was one she would never forget.

They were in a cheap motel room, just outside of the city. It was one of those sleazy ones with the vibrating beds that never worked and you always ended up losing $1.00. Tanya was naked, except for a pair of way too high heels and bent over the bed with her legs spread wide. Dale was behind her, slowly fucking her tight ass, as she moaned loudly. He had made her cum by doing this many times and tonight would be no different.

When things got hot and heavy, Dale picked up the pace, sliding in and out her rapidly, as if her were fucking her pussy. She remembers it as being the best orgasm of her life. When Dale was ready, he quickly shoved his cock into her asshole all the way and began to shoot torrents of cum inside of her, as she herself came over her fingers. It was an experience she relished and later told others, she would never forget.

This experience was almost like that.

Tanya’s whole body was moving back and forth and you could clearly see the perspiration all over her forehead from the intense ass-fucking she was receiving. She now had 2 fingers inside of her pussy and was loudly crying out in pleasure. “Fuck my fucking ass! Shove that fucking cock inside of me. The house guests were insane and loudly applauded and cheered.

When she came, her whole body shook and shuddered, which sent a chain reaction to dick owner’s body, who now was fucking her ass at top speed. There was no pain and there was no embarrassment. Just pure fucking pleasure. The party guests responded like Tanya had just given an Oscar worthy performance, which she actually did.

“You can’t see it, but you’re getting a standing ovation, baby!” Dennis yelled out. “Make that cock cum!”

“Whoever is back there, should cum in my asshole right now,” she moaned. “I want to feel it and I want it all inside of me.”

The dick’s owner, now full speed ahead in the ass-fucking department grunted loudly as he let loose inside of her, grabbing her with both arms around her belly and driving it home.  When Tanya felt the hot torrents of cum shooting inside her asshole, she knew it could have only been Dale that had delivered that ass fucking. When the cock’s owner completed his orgasm, emptying the final drops onto the outside of Tanya’s ass, she  came once again, her body shuddering twice as hard as it did the first time. She ripped off the blindfold and looked behind her. Dale was smiling back at her. She felt his load dripping out of her used asshole and collapsed on the deck, fully satisfied. The party was over for her-or so she thought.

When she could finally lift her head, again, she looked around and couldn’t believe her eyes. There were naked bodies everywhere, entwined in a quite impressive orgy taking place on her deck. Dicks being sucked, pussies being eaten and people fucking and being fucked. It was insane. She just laid there, amazed at the display of lust before her.

Dennis was fucking Tammy Nolan from behind over the picnic table, while Billy Wong ate out Cathy Barton on a chaise lounge chair. There was some lesbian action taking place, too. Cheryl, (yes the same woman whose pussy I kissed earlier), was involved in a truly hot looking 69 with Betty Thompson.  It was funny seeing Betty going to town on Cheryl’s pussy. She had never struck Tanya as the pussy eating type. But after watching for several minutes, Tanya knew Betty had probably done it more than a few times before.

As Tanya watched the two of them eat each other, she couldn’t help but be slightly jealous. Tanya had wanted Cheryl all to herself. Cheryl was, after all, the hottest girl at the party.  Betty Thomas was pretty hot. She was a little chunkier than Tanya normally liked, but seeing Betty naked, made her suddenly change her mind and made Tanya wish the three of them were in a hot daisy chain.

Tanya smiled and got up from the deck. She had decided to pour herself one last drink and take it in the house with her. She needed a shower.

Tanya Gets an Oral Thank You Present From Her Guests

Coming out of her bathroom, Tanya was wearing nothing but a robe. When she walked into her living room, both Cheryl and Betty were sitting on her sofa, wearing nothing but smiles.

“Hi,” Cheryl said, both of them standing up when they saw her. “We wanted to thank you for being such a wonderful host tonight. Everyone is having a wonderful time.”

“It sure looks like everyone is enjoying themselves,” Tanya laughed, as she looked out of the sliding glass doors that lead to the deck. “I never intended for this night to be an orgy, but you don’t have to thank me. You’re both dear friends and I’m so glad we could hang out.”

“No,” Betty Thomas said, walking up to Tanya, opening her towel and letting it fall to the floor. “We have to thank you. Now please tell me you have a big, comfortable bed, where the three of us can spend the night. We’re too drunk to drive home.”

“You want to spend the night with me?” Tanya asked. “What about Dennis?”

“Ugh,” Cheryl said. “You don’t even want to know what he was doing with Billy Wong. I don’t think Dennis is as straight as he claims.”

“Ehh, We’re all a little tipsy tonight. I’m sure he’ll have regrets in the morning,” Tanya laughed.

“We won’t have any regrets,” Cheryl said, as she took Tanya by the hand, leading her to the bedroom. “This is going to be a girl’s night. There’s nothing better than hot girls who know how to lick pussy. “When you kissed my pussy, you wanted to kiss it again. I could tell. It’s those psychic pussy powers, I was blessed with.

“We saw you staring at us out on the deck,” Betty said. “It looked like you were getting into it.  Cheryl I both agreed right then and there we were going to take you into our inner circle.”

“You’ve done this before with each other?” Tanya asked.

“Hell yeah we have!” Cheryl said.

“One night, about a three months ago, Cheryl was at my place and we had a few too many glasses of wine. We ate each other out. It was my first time. I was hooked immediately.  We’ve met once or twice a week, since then. We could always use a third.”


The girls locked themselves in Tanya’s bedroom, making it impossible to interrupt them. They got on the top of the bed and immediately formed a circle. It was the first of what would become many Tanya, Cheryl and Betty circles.

Tanya broke up with Dennis shortly after the party.  She wanted to explore her new interest in pussy and didn’t need Dennis sticking his nose, (so to speak), in her business. I have a feeling you’ll be reading more about Tanya on this site in the near future.

The End.


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