The BJ Club

The BJ Club

The BJ Club

by Jennifer Grant

On our first date, Shelly gave me head in the back of my car in the Haley Cinema parking lot, Section B. We didn’t see a movie that night. For those in the know, that parking lot was a nice secluded place to get a BJ or get laid when you had nowhere else to go. The theater had shut down 4 years ago, a victim of Netflix and Hulu, and the parking lot was no longer lit, had tall grass and due to the fucked up pothole-strewn pavement, police officers rarely bothered anyone.

It was she who suggested we go there. She just came out and asked me if I wanted a blowjob. Fucking A! Who wouldn’t want one?

Shelly, 19, was a bit of a tomboy. but very pretty with a killer body. She was engaged to a guy, I knew only as Gerry. So what was an engaged woman doing sucking my dick in the Haley Cinema parking lot? Well, it seems this Gerry guy was brought up in some weird religious cult he left when he was 20. They believed that intercourse was the only real sex people should have and that everything else was not only not sex, but allowable outside of marriage. I know. Pretty fucked up, right?

So Gerry wasn’t into getting blowjobs and since Shelly was, he didn’t mind if she went out and gave them under 2 conditions.

1.) No intercourse.

2.) This nonsense, as he called it,  would stop when they got married next year.

So, you see, Shelly was trying to get in all the blowjobs she could before her wedding took place. I was one of 4 guys in the Shelly Club, the unofficial name for the 4 guys she was blowing in rotation. After your first solo date with Shelly, you were invited to participate with other members at the same time. Shelly found this concept, fresh and exciting. You also had to be large. She had an 8 inch minimum and if she didn’t think you were thick enough, you were out. I had been recommended, believe it or not, by a former girlfriend, who was a friend to Shelly.

My BJ Club Audition

“What are we waiting for?” I asked, unbuttoning my jeans and pulling them down to my knees-my erection springing to life in the process.”Suck it.”

“MMMMNNNN,” she moaned, smacking her lips while grabbing tightly onto my cock. “I had a feeling you had a big one.”

“I don’t remember ever hearing any complaints,” I laughed, as she took the head of my cock past her nice, full lips. :Fuck yeah!” I said. She moaned softly.

“Can you at least get naked before blowing me, or is that against the rules?” I asked.

Shelly laughed. “I usually get topless. I just forgot this time,” she said, pulling her sweater up and over her head and lifting up her bra. I get fully naked for two or more. You can touch, but nothing else, ok?”

“I agree to your rules 100%, Shelly,” I said as her lips clamped down on my cock and went down further than any girl had ever gone before.”

Shelly was no amateur. This was a completely amazing blowjob I was receiving. I reached down to gently massage Shelly’s impeccable 36 C’s and her nipples were warm and hard between my fingertips. Shelly moaned. Not from me touching her nipples, or anything, but from the blowjob, itself. I had heard, (and I don’t know how true this is), that some women can orgasm simply from a blowjob, without touching, (or being touched), by someone else.

I could see why there was a waiting line to get into the BJ Club. Shelly liked to go deep and she was so good at what she did, she could have been a professional porn star or escort.

I was breathing heavier and as her tongue swirled around the head of my hard cock, I knew I was going to lose it any second.

“I’m cumming,” I said, probably louder than I should have.

Shelly immediately went down on my deeply until her lips met skin. I was out of my mind with pleasure as I erupted into her warm wet mouth, with what I felt to be a gallon or so of cum, stored in my balls.

When I was finished, there was no mess and nothing to clean up. No  need. Shelly had taken care of everything. She lay there, with her head resting on my thigh for several minutes and then lifting her head, said, “I could have sucked your cock all night. Thanks for coming out here with me.”

“Wow!” I thought. Not only did I get a great bj from a hot woman, but I got fucking compliment and a thank you. Fuck that Gerry guy. I wanted to marry her, myself.

After we sat and chatted for awhile, I drove her back home. Before she got out of the car she asked, “Are you busy on Friday night? I’m having a party.”

First Meeting of the BJ Club

The party took place at Shelly’s house. Her roommate was away for the weekend, so we had the whole place to ourselves.

The party guests?

Shelly, myself and 2 other guys she was blowing on the side.

I was the last to get there. The other two guys, Darren and Phil were already there. Shelly was dressed in classic porn star attire. A too short denim skirt, a halter top and a pair of pink heels.

“You’re just in time,” she said.

She introduced me to the other two guys and I sat on the sofa with them. Shelly said she had an announcement to make and that’s why she called us together for the party. She stood in front of looking sexy as hell.

“Ok, boys,” she said with a big smile. “You’ve been personally selected to become members of my new BJ Club. Congratulations!” she squealed. “Every week, we’ll meet up on a predetermined date and I will blow all three of you. Now that statement generated applause from the three of us. Shelly smiled and took a bow.

“I’m keeping this club to three members only so I provide the best possible experience for everyone. Now, it’s just blowjobs. I hope everyone understands that’s all I do. My pussy is for my boyfriend only. Now I just have one question. Why are all three of you still wearing pants?”

I never saw 3 guys take off their pants so fast. We looked like the Three Stooges bumping into each other in an effort to get our pants off.

Shelly dropped to her knees in front of Phil. Phil was a nerdy type of guy. Glasses and the pastiest skin I’ve ever seen in my life. He looked like a bottle of Elmer’s Glue. Phil however had a huge cock. The only reason he was a member of the BJ Club. We watched as Shelly expertly took Phil’s huge schlong into her mouth. Shelly was completely into the blowjob. Moaning as she licked and sucked and causing Phil to make these weird faces. It was surreal. Phil placed his hand on the top of Shelly’s head and she responded by sucking him in deeper. Since she couldn’t fit poor Phil’s cock in her throat any deeper, she continued to jerk him off at a quickened pace at the same time. Phil now had a fistful of her hair and was holding on for dear life as Shelly rapidly moved her plump lips up and down Phil’s cock. It really was a site to see.This was Shelly’s only hobby and she was damn good at it.

I was the new guy in this group, so I wondered if Shelly were going to do each one of us separately or together. It appeared to be the former in this case, as Phil loudly announced his orgasm and pulled out onto her lips and tongue for the enjoyment of Shelly and the entertainment of her two other guests. Her lips were covered in Phil’s junk when she started to suck on Darren’s monster cock. She looked up at him and smiled. Darren had the first black cock I had ever seen in person, and he sure lived up to the legend. His dick was colossal, easily making mine and Phil’s look small in comparison-which we were not. Darren had to be Shelly’s favorite. You could tell by the way she licked and kissed his skyscraper cock. It appeared as of she were in love with it.

By the time it was Darren’s turn to cum, he pulled out and covered her face and tits in 8 or 9 long spasms, as Shelly’s small hand tugged and jerked on his substantial cock.   When he appeared to be finished, Shelly applauded as if she were watching a Broadway play.

“That’s wonderful!” she said, still clapping her hands with a big smile. “Two down and one to go. I wish I could tell you all how much I enjoy doing it.”

“You don’t have to tell us. It pretty much shows,” I said, waiting patiently for my turn.

Shelly laughed and said, “I guess it does. Are you ready?”

“I am,” I answered with a smile. Shelly scooted over on her knees in front of me. She was soaked with cum and she didn’t seem like she was going to clean up until everyone had been taken care of.  I had never seen a woman covered like this before. It both turned me on and disgusted me at the same time.

Shelly grabbed tightly onto my cock and began jerking me slowly.

“I love your cock. It’s the perfect shape and size. It slides into my throat like butter,” she said. “I’m so glad you’re a part of my little club,” she smiled. Then she took me deep down, as only Shelly could. I couldn’t help but moan in pleasure as she sucked away, her skilled tongue wrapping around my cock and making sure every inch of my dick was wet from her mouth.

It took exactly 7 minutes for me to blow my load. It’s not like I was timing it, or anything, but I just happened to steal a glance at the digital clock on the wall. Shelly started at 9:58pm and I was done at exactly 10:05pm.  I could have, (and should have) gone longer, but I didn’t want her to have to work for something that wasn’t there. I came like a geyser, soaking her (and her carpeting) like a sudden Florida thunderstorm.

The club meetings continued at least once a week, (sometimes more), for almost a year. Then Shelly disappeared completely. Her phone number was disconnected, all her social media accounts were gone and she had moved out of her apartment. She was a ghost.

Seeing Shelly 7 Months Later

I was absolutely shocked to have bumped into Shelly at a Walmart 3 towns away about 7 months after the last time I saw her. She was very pregnant. She was in line with (believe it or not), Darren, who you’ll remember as a member of the BJ Club. I was a few customers behind them. I wondered whether I should say hello, or not, when she noticed me and waved and smiled.

“As you can see, I’m gonna be a mommy in  a couple of months,” she said.

“Congratulations,” I said, wondering if the father were Darren or the weird boyfriend. That’s when Darren acknowledged me by giving me a head nod.”

“Darren and I are pretty excited about it. We can’t wait. After I found  I was pregnant, I moved out of my boyfriend’s house and moved in with Darren. Things were crazy for awhile.”

“I’m glad everything is working out for you both,” I said, my questions about the pregnancy, apparently answered.

Was the BJ Club Getting Back Together?

“Thanks,” Shelly said. “It was so nice seeing you. Why don’t you give me your phone number? Darren and I are having a small party on Saturday. We’d love it if you could make it. Wouldn’t we Darren?”

“Um, oh yeah,” Darren replied, reluctantly.

I leaned forward and handed her my business card and said, ” I would love to go.”

“That’s wonderful,” Shelly said. “Either Darren or I will call you with the location later on tonight. It’s going to be so much fun,” she said, paying the cashier for her purchases, while Darren grabbed the bags and began walking toward the exit.”

“Bye, Shelly,” I said, smiling, as she left the store with another wave and big smile. “See you Saturday.”


Driving home that day, I realized I didn’t know what kind of a party I was walking into. Could it be like a shower or a regular house party, or was it something more exciting, like an 8 month pregnant woman taking off her clothes and blowing a bunch of guys in a room? I wish I knew. But, I knew I’d find out on Saturday.

The End






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  1. There was a girl from my town who used to blow 3 or 4 guys at a time, I don’t know if she ever called it a club. I unfortunately, was never invited,

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