The Bone Zone

MFM Threesome

The Weirdest Threesome Ever

by Vicki Vex

I was out with the girls the other night and we were talking about our most amazing sexual experiences. Mine was a threesome I had with Paul Osbourne and my friend Zone, so named because he was always smoking weed and zoned. You can’t have threesome without good weed. Can you?

Paul was my steady boyfriend at the time. I was 18 and  would be turning 19 in a couple of weeks. I told Paul I wanted to have a threesome with him and Zone as my gift. It took some convincing on my part, but I convinced Paul quite easily with a blowjob. Zone was 18. A girlfriend of mine told me she had once blown Zone for some weed and he  had a huge fucking cock. I mean it was in her personal top 10 as far as dicks are concerned. So, she told me. “If you ever get a chance to sleep with Zone, take it. You won’t regret it. Plus, he always has bombass weed.” That’s a reason Zone stayed on my radar.

But, I digress. Back to the threesome


The Evening of the Threesome

Paul and I were right on time. In fact, he was 5 minutes early. Good thing. I had been so horny all afternoon. I was also nervous. I had never fucked two guys before. Don’t misunderstand me. I’ve had plenty of sex, given many blowjobs and even had a few girl on girl experiences I can tell you about another time. But never have I had a dick in my mouth and one in my pussy or ass at the same time. I felt short-changed.

I was dressed to kill. Shorts, so short they were probably illegal to wear in most states. I wore a half tee, so thin, they removed any mystery of what my tits looked like. My footwear? I chose an old fashioned and comfortable option. A pair of black, hi top Chucks. Oh, and I really over did it on the makeup. What woman doesn’t want to dress slutty at her birthday threesome?

When we got to the motel, Zone was sitting in his car smoking a giant blunt. He opened his driver’s side window and billows of smoke came out, along with his arm to wave to us. We laughed.

Paul looked a little uneasy. I grabbed onto his hand and asked him what was wrong. “Are you nervous?” I asked, “Because I sure as hell am.”

“No,” he said. “I’m not nervous. I just don’t know how I feel about someone fucking my girlfriend at the same time I am.”

I laughed. “You’re concerned about this? This is just a threesome. A one time thing for my birthday. I told you I would do one with another girl for you on your birthday. No need to worry. It’s just sex.”

“You’re right,” he smiled. “Let’s do this. Blow out a couple of candles.”

“Ok,” I said. Before we go in the room is there anything you don’t want me to do. Anything that may make you feel uncomfortable? Because I’m up for anything. The only thing I’m not doing is kissing Zone. That’s far too intimate. I just want to have sex.”

“Perfect.” he said. “Let’s go.”

Once in the room, Zone began rolling another giant blunt. He called it the Mood Maker and he was quite proud of it. Three of us smoked it sitting on the edge of the bed. I was in the middle.”

The Threesome Begins

I supposed it was up to me to start this thing. Zone was too high to begin and Paul didn’t know what the fuck was going on. So with both hands, I started massaging the crotches of their jeans, feeling them both harden quickly. Zone, who was more into this right now than Paul, it seemed, stood up, pulled his pants down to his knees and and said. “Ok, I’m ready.” My eyes almost dropped out of my head. I couldn’t believe how big it was. I was so used to Paul’s average sized cock. I mean, Rachel told me it was fucking huge, but I wasn’t expecting this. It was hard, but due to it’s weight it hung downward, slightly. I couldn’t understand how such a skinny guy had such a huge schlong.

Paul obviously noticed he was outmatched in the cock department, but it was a threesome and I was going to be an equal opportunity participant.

“Take your pants off,” I said to him. “Let’s get this party started.

“Let me watch for a few,ok?” he asked.

“Just watch? Are you sure? You’re not joining in?”

“Of course, I’m joining in. I want to watch you two for a few. Is that ok?” he asked, his eyes red as a can of paint after smoking Zone’s bomb weed.

“Ok,” I said, “Zone why don’t you stand up and I’ll kneel down and suck you? Paul wants to watch for a bit.”

Zone didn’t say a word, He stood directly up, his giant dick springing up and down. It almost hit me in the head. “Zone,” I said laughing. “Be careful. If you hit me in the head with that fucking thing, you’ll knock me out.”  Zone laughed, but Paul was watching intently, waiting for me to take it in my mouth, which I did. I love sucking on a big cock. Taking one in my pussy is another story. I went out with a guy for a few months who had a huge cock. Not as big and thick as Zone’s but still huge. After he would fuck me, I would walk bowlegged for three days.

Zone moaned away as I sucked hard on the head of his cock, my tongue washing around the slit to catch any precum he might be letting out. Slutty? Absolutely, but I was going to take advantage of this evening. I sucked and slurped and gagged my way up and down on Zone’s bone. Zone was really into it, which made me get really into it. I was actually frightened to look at Paul. If he were having a lousy time, it would make we want to stop and I realy wanted to suck on this dick all night.

“I would love to fuck you,” Zone said, sliding his dick in and out of my mouth.

“I want you to fuck her,” Paul said from behind. “Fuck her hard, dude.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. Was that my Paul asking the guy with the much bigger cock to fuck  me? It looked like I would be having a Happy Birthday, after all.

“Hey, man, if you’re just gonna watch, that’s cool, but I seriously wanna bone your girlfriend. I promise I’ll make her cum,” the very stoned, Zone said, looking at Paul, as if he were waiting for permission.

“Yeah, man. Bone away,” he said. “I’m jumping in eventually, but I’ll be happy watching you fuck her and satisfy her.”

“I promise, I will,” Bone said, as he helped me up from the floor and pushed me back on the bed, spreading my legs.

“Hey, Paul? Could you do me a favor and pull another blunt from the pocket of my jacket on that chair over there? We can all smoke it, while I’m fucking her. Ok?’

“Um, sure, ok,” Paul said walking to the chair and rummaging through Zone’s pockets, as Zone got into position to fuck me.

Zone’s Cock was Huge

I’m not gonna lie. I was a little freaked out over the size of his cock, but I didn’t either of the guys to know it. I had to trust I’d be able to take Zone’s mammoth rod inside of me. If I could get Paul’s cock inside my ass, that would make it all perfect.

Zone stuck the head of his deliciously big dick inside of me and I moaned heavily I looked over at Steve. He was jerking off watching me. “Are you having fun, baby?” I asked, as I moaned.

“I am. Happy Birthday,” he said.

Zone then worked his fire hose inside of me, inch by beautiful inch. I thought I’d never be able to take that thing inside of me, but he did it. It didn’t hurt. It felt really good. Was tight AF, though. He moved in and out of me, slowly and deeply. For a 24 hour a day stoner, this boy could fuck. I was out of control moaning, screaming and speaking some foreign fuck language I just created.I looked over at Paul, He was really getting into watching us. I had hoped he would have jumped in by now, but he’s just sitting there rubbing his cock like it has a muscle spasm. He was smiling and moaning,too. Maybe he was waiting for Zone to cum and then he’d fuck me. I hoped so.

Zone was increasing his pace rapidly. It was so tight, but soaking wet, so he could move in and out and make me fucking scream. I came with the force of a thousand suns, soaking the cheap hotel sheet. I screamed so loud, the people in the next room banged on the wall. Then I laughed uncontrollably out of embarrassment.

Zone flipped me like a pancake, so I’d end up on all fours.Again he plunged into me, but I was ready for him this time and he slid deeply inside of me, forcing me to scream again and this time, bury my face into one of the pillows in front of me. Paul was to the left of me, moaning so loudly and pulling so hard on his cock, that I knew he was going to cum soon.

“Paul,” I whispered. “Let me suck your cock while Zone fucks me, baby. I haven’t licked it at all tonight. This is supposed to be a threesome,” I moaned, heavily.

“I’m having more fun watching,” he said. “Seriously, I like what I’m doing here. I’ll get you after Bone is finished. It’s always polite to let company go first,” he laughed trying to make a joke. I knew Zone was in charge after that, so I let it happen. I turned up the dirty talk. “Fuck me, Zone! Harder! Fucking Harder! C’mon and fuck me like you mean it!:

Zone was at the point of no return and to tell you the truth, I was, too. When Zone began erupting in my pussy, I came again, grabbing my nails across his back, leaving scratches. Zone emptied inside of me. and lay on tip of me for several minutes, until he lifted his head and putting it directly on top of mind.

“Kiss me,” he said, play-forcing a kiss on me.

“I can’t Zone. It was in the rules.”

“Paul doesn’t mind do you, pal?”

Without waiting for an answer, he began kissing me again, but this time I returned my tongue and we made out for what seemed like hours, but was only minutes. Paul, who still hadn’t cum yet, looked on.

Zone Enters the Back Door

Zone stopped and slowly exited my pussy

“No baby! I said. not believing I just called Zone, baby,

In the same position, he began rubbing the head of his dick around my back door. I froze for a moment, imagining Zone’s massive cock sliding into my ass and my entire body splitting in two.

“There’s some petroleum jelly in my bag behind you,” I said. “Please use a lot.”

I was kinda pissed at Paul. He was supposed to join me in this shit and he’s been jerking off since we started. Fucking weirdo. Good thing Zone was here to keep me entertained,. I looked over at Paul and said, “You’re missing out. You could be the one going inside my ass, but instead it’s Zone.”

Paul smiled as he jerked slower. “I’m not missing out on anything. I’m ready to bust a nut right now!”

“You may as well,” I said. “I’m about to get plowed.”

As soon as Zone began his journey inside of me, (and I give him much credit for being so gentle), Paul is moaning harder than any of us and he blows his load all over the floor. What an idiot. It’s obvious I found out who the real man in the room is. I’d like to keep things going with Zone. If Paul wants to hang around and watch? Well, fuck it. We’ll let him.

I whimpered softly as Zone slid in and out of my backdoor. I was amazed at how good it felt. I thought he would rip me in half, but this boy knew what he was doing-and he was doing it perfectly. Zone and I were getting into a rhythm together and he was moaning  as he hit me from behind. His quickened pace actually felt better than the slow and gentle movements just minutes ago,

I hoped that Zone would stay the course and finish his business inside of me. He may be one of those guys who pull out at the last second and let it fly everywhere. I’m not against all that, but I wanted him to stay put since it felt so good. I was too busy grabbing and pulling on the bed sheets, to notice  Paul was working on another hard on.

I loved the way Zone talked in bed. What a pig, lol. He was right there with the dirty talk and as any woman will tell you, the right talk, under the right circumstances is always a welcome thing.

What had begun as a birthday threesome, had evolved into  some sort of cuckold scenario, with Paul being the cuck and Zone being the bull. It’s not exactly the way I envisioned this for my birthday, but to be perfectly honest, I was more than fine with it right now. I’m glad the air was clear between Paul and myself. I wouldn’t break up with him-at least not right away, because it could be fun having a muse around for my entertainment and those of the men I  fuck in the future. However, Paul and I are no longer exclusive as of right fucking now.

When Zone let go inside of me, I felt a warm rush from the back of my neck to the tips of my toes. This was better than good.

Paul? He sat there pulling it like the idiot he is, instead of getting pussy that was right in front of him. He made the decision.

I’m planning on letting all of this sink in tonight and hopefully convincing both guys to repeat what happened, so I”m better prepared for it. I think I’m going to enjoy the time I spend in the Bone Zone.

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