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Public Sex

We asked you to tell us about your HOTTEST public sexcapades and you were right there to tell us about them. As usual, if your letter was not published, don’t take it personally, I only have room for the very best contributions. You can always write about your public sex adventures in the comments section, below. Thanks


BJ in the Limo

After the senior prom, (a couple of years before schools began locking the students up all evening to make sure they didn’t drink or do drugs), we were in the limo on the way to the after prom party. I was with Marla. She was almost 18 and I had just turned 18. We weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend, but since neither of us had a prom date, we decided to go together.

The limo driver was pretty cool. I think his name was Ron. We asked him if it would be ok to vape some kush in the back and he said “Hell yah! Save me some.” So that’s what we did. We loaded my vape with some Strawberry Kush and smoked away. When we were done. I reloaded for Ron and passed it up front. He was grateful for the unexpected tip.

Soon, high and horny, Marla and I began making out. Her hand was on my crotch and my hands were under her shirt. I had made it my mission, earlier to see her 36 C’s and I was about to reach my goal. As we kissed, she whispered in my ear that she wanted to have sex with me and began rubbing my cock through the thin material of my tux pants. I’m not gonna lie, I wanted to fuck her right then and there, but the fucking driver could see everything and we didn’t have one of those separator things between us. I asked her for a handjob and thought I could put my jacket over my lap. After I suggested it, she said, “Hey, you can always throw that jacket over my head and I can suck your cock.”

Being stoned and 18, we decided that was the best course of action, so I pulled down my pants to almost my knees and Marla got down there. Then I carefully placed the tux jacket over her head while she got to work. Shit was so cash.

Obviously, the driver knew what was going on back there and would peek in the mirror every chance he got. The only thing he could really see was the priceless expression on my face and my jacket bouncing up and down as Marla’s sucked my cock.

Even weirder than getting blown in the back of a limo with the driver watching, was him giving me the thumbs up sign every few minutes.

It was a great experience, but truly fucked up. I didn’t see Marla again after that. She went back to her ex boyfriend. 🙁

Steven J.


Restaurant Handjob

Dear Eroric Story Club
I don’t know if this counts as public, but I got a handjob in a restaurant at a booth sitting beside my wife. We were drunk and horny and she unzipped me, so fuck it. I went with it.

Cleveland, OH



Dear Erotic Story Club,
I gave some guys head a few times in the manager’s office at a McDonald’s where I worked. The door was broken and wouldn’t close all the way. Anyone walking by could see it, but nothing was ever said to me. I kinda liked the risk involved. I was a shift manager and this is how I got guys to take shifts when somebody else called out of work.

Norwich, CT.


Caught Fucking in an Alley

Dear Erotic Story Club,
I definitely had sex in public. Wanna know how I know? My boyfriend and I got arrested in LA. It was outside a club in an alley and he was fucking me against the wall and the cops caught us. I was pretty drunk, but I know they were watching for awhile before they stopped us. I was naked and my boyfriend had his pants down. We were charged with public exposure and indecency. There was no fine and we got 20 hours of community service a piece. Never tried that again. LOL.

Betty R.
San Jose, CA


Under the Table

Dear Erotic Story Club,
Does a blowjob under a table in a restaurant count? I sucked off my boyfriend in a really classy place under the table, with a long linen tablecloth covering me. We didn’t get caught but I thought we would since he was making some loud ass moans and when he came in my mouth he banged onto the table with his fist, because he said it felt so good.

Cathy Garner-Phillips
Provo, UT


On the Side of the Road

Dear Erotic Story Club,
No one ever believes me when I tell this story, but it’s as true as anything. I got drunk and high one night and blew a guy I was seeing on the side of a busy road in the breakdown lane. I had my top off.  Some people pulled over and got their phones out, but most of them just beeped. We made it quick because we assumed someone would call the cops. It was a quick, hot dirty blowjob and we both loved it.

Sansa Marie
Pittsburgh, PA


Inside the Campus Library

Dear Erotic Story Club
The girl I was seeing at the time, and I got in a lot of trouble for this and were almost thrown out of the university. We fucked on a chair on the library at college. We thought we had found an isolated place, but people were walking by and gawking. We were too far into it to just stop. The thing that totally fucked us, was surveillance cameras on us the entire time. We were arrested, charged and appeared in court for lewd conduct. How embarrassing. My dad had to hire a lawyer for me and he didn’t speak to me for the longest time. My girlfriend ‘s parents were completely pissed at her. Due to the embarrassment we brought upon the school, we were suspended for 60 days each. She ended up not going back and finishing up school in Alabama. I stayed in Florida. The judge charged us $250 each and made us perform 60 hours of community service. I never ended up seeing her after court.

Danny T.
Clearwater, FL


On the Bridge

Dear Erotic Story Club,
I am in a video on Porn Hub having public sex with a woman I had known for a couple of weeks at the time. She was into all kinds of weird shit and one night after smoking a couple of bowlfuls of some really good shit. I ended up fucking her on a bridge over the highway in Georgia. Knowing the cops in GA. have no fucking sense of humor when it comes to anything, much less public sex, only made it more exciting. The video from start to finish is 17 minutes long. I’m seriously surprised we didn’t get busted. We were so high, I didn’t think it would matter. Anyways, you guys won’t let me link the vid here, but it’s gotten over 2 million views. You can see our faces as plain as day. I don’t know about her because she moved to Oregon, but no one has ever recognized me so far. It’s been up there over a year. Fun as shit!

Carlos V.
New Mexico


Dear Erotic Story Club,
When I was 20, I was at a party with my boyfriend at the time. Everyone was pretty fucked up. About 10 of us. My bf and I were making out on the sofa.  We were getting hot an heavy with each other when he lifted my sweater over my head, baring my tits to the other 8 couples at the party. I was incredibly embarrassed, but I went with it because the guests applauded when my tits appeared. We just kept making out until more clothing came off. This time it was Jeff’s pants revealing his nice, big, hard cock. More applause. I wondered what the crowd would do if took it in my mouth, so I slid off the sofa on my knees and took him deeply. The audience was going crazy at this point and my pussy was so wet, and his dick so hard, there was no way anyone was going to stop us. We sucked, we fucked and we came twice in front of 8 other people in the room who were completely into it. We were hoping it turned into an orgy, but more guests ended up coming over and we didn’t. I realized what I did the next day and I cringed. Still, it was fun and if Jeff and I decided to get drunk and had an audience, I knew we’d do it again. A couple of people videoed it on their phones , but I’ve been too embarrassed to watch it. Someday.

Abigail Rose
Austin, TX

Thanks to everyone who responded.


April has us asking you again about your sexual regret. We covered this topic a couple of months ago and it was so popular, I still receive emails with people telling me about their sexual regrets. It’s a fun topic and everyone has one. That’s why we want to hear more. You and anyone else involved in your story must be a minimum of age 18.

Send your entries of 500 words, (or less), to Erotic Story Club by March 27, 2019 at noon EST.





3 thoughts on “Your Hottest Public Sexcapades

  1. I played with myself in a college lecture class one day. The camera was in my bag and aimed up my skirt. The guy next to me knew what was going on and appeared disgusted, I kept giggling. One of my girlfriends sitting three desks over from me couldn’t stop laughing which made me laugh. There I am playing with my pussy and laughing my ass off. I got off and it was tough to hold in my moan. I put it on Porn Hub, mainly so my boyfriend could see it, but I get messages from other guys and it’s a turn on. I don’t think I’ll do it again. I’ve heard of people getting arrested for that stuff. I’m too afraid.

  2. That story about McDonald’s reminded me of when my ex boyfriend and I worked there together. He was working one night and I was just hanging around with a couple of friends of mine at one of the tables. We chatted for a few, and he said he had to take the trash out to the dumpster, so he had to leave.

    I followed him outside and saw him by the dumpster, which had a wooden fence around it, so people in their cars wouldn’t have to look at it while they ate.

    I walked in and closed the gate behind me and he asked what I was doing there. I knelt on a piece of cardboard that was on the ground and told him I wanted to blow him. Anyone else taking trash out, (or our manager going outside to see what was keeping him), could have caught us. He whipped out his dick and I blew him in the humid summer air. It was hot, but the garbage smell was almost overwhelming. LOL. The shit I used to do when I was younger.

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