Your New Year’s Eve Sexual Adventures and Blunders

Topless woman with shirt open

We asked for your hottest NYE Sexual adventures and boy, did you guys deliver. I’ve posted my favorites below, but you can also add yours in the comments section. Thanks to everyone who emailed. Happy New Year!

It’s Corbel

I got wasted at my house party and gyrated on a champagne bottle for the amusement of my guests. I must have given them a great show because everyone had their phones out. I still haven’t watched my performance. It was extremely raunchy and I’m not usually like that. My husband is still not talking to me. We’re hoping it doesn’t end up on Porn Hub.

Donna M.,Virginia, USA.

First Timer

First time lesbian checking in. I hooked up with a girl I know from college who lives close by. The good news is I guess I’m bisexual. I spent the night with her. We did just about everything two women can do with each other. Apparently, I’m an expert pussy licker. Yay Me! LOL.

Jeanine R., Milwaukee, WI

Bath Tub Time

Ok, so I’m not a big drinker any other time of the year, but this New Years I drank too much and ended up in the bathroom hugging onto the toilet for awhile. When I was positive I could puke no more, I laid in the bath tub completely naked. That would have been bad enough, but the party was still going on and people were using the bathroom all night, seeing me naked. Some asshole colored my nipples with a green Sharpie. I’m sure everyone took a picture/video. I’m so very embarrassed.

Monica T, San Jose, CA.


I gave a guy I know oral sex in a bedroom at a friend’s house. When I finished I went back out to the party and couldn’t find my boyfriend. He had apparently seen me walk into the room with the other guy. He hasn’t answered his phone for me since and he’s never there when I drive by his house. I wanted to apologize. I was fucking trashed.

Kathy U,. Austin, TX.

Swingers Party

A word of warning. Don’t ever have a swinger’s party on NYE.  One girl threw up on our carpeting and the other guys were so drunk, they couldn’t even get it up. I could go into further details, but it makes me sick to even think about what happened.

James P., Aspen, CO

Line Up

My wife and I meet with a few other couples at one of our houses on NYE  every year. We have a regular party, enjoying each other’s company, but at approximately 11:50 pm, we all strip down and the girls get on all fours. Then each man draws one of the wives name from a hat and gets behind the woman he has chosen. We do the countdown 10 seconds before midnight and then at 12 all the men enter the wives they’ve chosen. We’ve been doing this for the past 5 years. It’s come a tradition. It’s so much fun seeing who gets who. Happy New Year.

Cal M., Decatur, IL

I Guess I Love Fat Chicks

Had my first experience with two women tonight. One was my girlfriend and the other was a woman who was at a club we went to on New Years, The other woman was chunky as anything and I don’t usually go for large women, but we were drunk as shit and we went for it. Watching my wife go down on a fat chick is something I was completely infatuated with. We’re planning on doing it again, but don’t know what we did with her number. I hope she calls us.

Bill S., Carefree, AZ


Be careful when you’re drinking at a party. I did an impromptu drunken strip tease last night in front of 8 other couples and it started off pretty PG rated, until the end when I lowered my top and shook my tits. Cameras were going off everywhere and stupid me played with my tits, while everyone took pics. It was a very innocent thing, (except for being topless) and everyone got a laugh and a cheap thrill. Now I worry it might show up on the internet and someone like my boss will see it. My husband told me not to worry about it, but I can’t help it.

Jana-Lou, Detroit, MI

All Alone on New Year’s Eve

I smoked a joint, drank a beer and jerked off on the sofa. Happy fucking New Year.

Eric B, Scranton, PA

Stood Up

I got stood up on NYE. I met this girl a few months back and we started hanging out. I asked her to go out on NYE and she said yes. I went to pick her up and she wasn’t home. Her roommate said she went out with a group of people. All my calls went to voicemail. FML.

Barry Z., Los Angeles, CA

Hooked Up

I finally hooked up with the hottie I’ve loved since she started working here at the Burlington Coat Factory. We went out for a few drinks and then we went back to my place. I definitely want to make  her a fuck buddy. Her name is Angela. She’s a real blond too.

Yuri V, Hartford, CT.





10 thoughts on “Your New Year’s Eve Sexual Adventures and Blunders

  1. I did a strip tease too. We had a party at a really classy hotel. When the DJ played Cherry Pie by Warrant, I got on the dance floor and just went for it. I know I ended up on a few cameras. I was topless, but left my panties on. I don’t regret anything-yet.

  2. I guess we’re not the only couple to have regretful sex on New Year’s Eve. This didn’t happen last year. It was 2016 on New Year’s Even when my husband gave me a three some with some guy he used to know. All the attention was supposed to be on me, but the two men got a little gay together. I just never expected that to happen. I’m not an asshole, but I was turned off. He regrets it and I mention it when we fight. (Maybe I am an asshole)

  3. To the woman who sat on the champagne bottle. This is a good way to cut yourself. I know someone from my past who did the same thing and found herself in the emergency room having pieces of broken bottle removed from her ass. We called her ‘Glass Ass’ after that. Very painful and embarrassing.

  4. My sister just told me she and her husband were almost arrested on Nye for lewd behavior in public for fucking in the car

    They were in the way to a party and it was raining so hard they pulled over to wait it out. One thing ked to another and they began fooling around. They never thought they’d be seen in all that rain but somebody called the police on them. The cops were pissed getting that call. They were soaking wet and they made my brother in law get out if the car and fo a field sobriety test in his boxers. They knew he wasn’t drunk, but I think they wanted to teach him a lesson. They didn’t get arrested because the cop said she weather was too bad and he didn’t feel like going to the station. I thought it was funny. My sister and her husband did not.

    TLDR; My sister and her husband were caught by the police on NYE fucking in their car.

  5. My girlfriend gave me a blow job and I timed it with the countdown on TV and finished at exactly midnight. It was silly but fun

  6. I was supposed to have sex with my wife at midnight. At 11:30 she got stomach cramps and 20 minutes later,she got her period. That threw cold water on my hard on 😳

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